Christmas Party Activities for Work That DON'T SUCK!

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Christmas Party Activities for Work

As an experienced event planner, I understand the importance of creating memorable Christmas party activities for work. In this blog post, I'll share my expertise to help you plan an unforgettable celebration for your colleagues. From festive icebreaker games to team-building activities and creative crafts, you'll find a variety of ideas that will bring joy and camaraderie to your holiday gathering. Whether you're hosting a virtual or in-person event, these carefully curated activities will ensure everyone has a fantastic time and leaves with lasting memories of the holiday season.

Christmas Party Games/Activities for Work


Virtual Secret Santa Gift Exchange:

  • Overview: Participants exchange gifts online, with the identity of the gift giver remaining a secret until the reveal.
  • Instructions:
    • Use a Secret Santa generator tool to assign participants.
    • Set a budget for gifts and share it with all participants.
    • Have everyone buy and wrap their gifts, then mail or deliver them to recipients.
    • Set a date and time for a virtual gift exchange party on a video call.
    • Each person opens their gift and tries to guess who their Secret Santa was.


Cookie Decorating Contest:

  • Overview: Participants decorate cookies creatively, and you can vote for the best designs.
  • Instructions:
    • Share a basic cookie recipe with participants or provide pre-made cookies.
    • Share a list of decorating supplies (e.g., icing, sprinkles) everyone should have.
    • Set a time for cookie decorating, and participants can join a video call.
    • Decorate cookies together while chatting and having fun.
    • Take pictures of the finished cookies and vote for the best designs.

Ugly Sweater Contest via Video Call:

  • Overview: Participants dress in their ugliest holiday sweaters for a virtual contest.
  • Instructions:
    • Set a date and time for the contest on a video call.
    • Encourage everyone to find or create the ugliest holiday sweater they can.
    • Participants take turns showcasing their sweaters and explaining their "ugly" features.
    • Host a vote to determine the ugliest sweater, and award a prize.

Holiday Movie Night with Popcorn and Hot Chocolate:

  • Overview: Host a virtual movie night where everyone watches a holiday film together.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose a holiday movie that everyone can access (e.g., on a streaming platform).
    • Share the date and time for the movie night.
    • Encourage participants to prepare popcorn and hot chocolate.
    • Start the movie simultaneously and use a group chat to discuss it in real-time.


DIY Ornament Crafting Session:

  • Overview: Host a virtual ornament-making session where participants create holiday decorations.
  • Instructions:
    • Share a list of ornament-making supplies (e.g., craft paper, markers, glue).
    • Set a date and time for the crafting session on a video call.
    • Lead participants through the steps to create ornaments or let them get creative.
    • Show off your finished ornaments, and you can vote for the best one.

Virtual Trivia with Holiday-Themed Questions:

  • Overview: Host a holiday-themed trivia game to test participants' knowledge.
  • Instructions:
    • Prepare a set of trivia questions related to Christmas and other holidays.
    • Use a video conferencing tool to host the trivia game.
    • Participants can join and answer questions individually or in teams.
    • Keep track of scores and announce a winner or winning team at the end.

Christmas-Themed Cooking or Cocktail-Making Class:

  • Overview: Arrange a virtual cooking or mixology class where everyone learns to make a holiday dish or drink.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose a recipe for a holiday dish or cocktail and share it with participants.
    • Set a date and time for the virtual class on a video call.
    • Instruct participants to gather ingredients and utensils beforehand.
    • Host the class, guiding everyone through the cooking or mixology process.
    • Enjoy your homemade creations together.

Virtual Escape Room Challenge:

  • Overview: Participate in a virtual escape room game where teams work together to solve puzzles and escape.
  • Instructions:
    • Find an online escape room provider or create your own virtual escape room.
    • Divide participants into teams and assign a host to guide them.
    • Set a time limit for each team to solve the puzzles and "escape."
    • The team that finishes first or with the most points wins.

Remote Holiday Karaoke:

  • Overview: Organize a virtual karaoke session where participants sing their favorite holiday songs.
  • Instructions:
    • Use a karaoke app or platform that allows remote singing.
    • Share a list of holiday songs in advance.
    • Set a date and time for the karaoke session on a video call.
    • Participants take turns singing their chosen songs.
    • Encourage applause and cheers to create a festive atmosphere.

Virtual Holiday Scavenger Hunt:

  • Overview: Plan a virtual scavenger hunt with a list of holiday-themed items or clues.
  • Instructions:
    • Create a list of holiday-related items or clues for participants to find in their homes.
    • Share the list with all participants.
    • Set a time limit for the scavenger hunt.
    • Participants search for the items and show them on the video call.
    • The first one to find all items or solve all clues wins.

Gingerbread House Decorating Competition:

  • Overview: Host a gingerbread house decorating contest where participants compete to create the most festive and creative gingerbread houses.
  • Instructions:
    • Provide gingerbread house kits or gingerbread pieces, royal icing, and assorted decorations.
    • Set a time limit for decorating the houses.
    • Participants can join a video call to showcase their finished gingerbread houses.
    • Judges or fellow participants can vote for the best gingerbread house designs.
    • Award prizes to the winners.

Online Holiday-Themed Pictionary:

  • Overview: Play a virtual game of Pictionary with holiday-themed words and phrases.
  • Instructions:
    • Use an online Pictionary generator or create a list of holiday-related words and phrases.
    • Divide participants into teams.
    • Rotate team members as drawers, and others guess the word or phrase.
    • Keep score, and the team with the most correct guesses wins.

Virtual Holiday Bingo:

  • Overview: Host a virtual bingo game with holiday-themed cards and prizes.
  • Instructions:
    • Create bingo cards with holiday-related images or words.
    • Share bingo cards with participants electronically.
    • Use an online bingo caller or an in-person host to call out numbers.
    • Participants mark their cards as numbers are called.
    • The first to achieve a winning pattern shouts "Bingo!" and wins a prize.

Themed Costume Party via Video Call:

  • Overview: Organize a virtual costume party where participants dress up according to a specific holiday theme.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose a creative holiday theme (e.g., elves, classic movie characters).
    • Invite participants to come to the video call in costumes related to the theme.
    • Host a costume parade or contest, with participants showcasing their outfits.
    • Award prizes for the best costumes.

Share Holiday Recipes and Cooking Tips:

  • Overview: Encourage employees to share their favorite holiday recipes and cooking tips.
  • Instructions:
    • Ask employees to submit their holiday recipes in advance.
    • Compile a digital cookbook with all the recipes.
    • During the party, have employees discuss their recipes and share cooking tips.
    • Consider cooking demonstrations or tastings for some dishes.

Holiday-Themed Story or Poem Contest:

  • Overview: Hold a creative writing contest where employees share holiday-themed stories or poems.
  • Instructions:
    • Announce the contest and set a submission deadline.
    • Encourage employees to write original holiday stories or poems.
    • Judges or participants can read and vote for their favorite entries.
    • Recognize and award prizes to the best stories or poems.

Online Dance Party with Festive Music:

  • Overview: Host a virtual dance party where participants groove to holiday tunes.
  • Instructions:
    • Create a holiday-themed playlist with a mix of festive songs.
    • Set a date and time for the dance party on a video call.
    • Encourage participants to dress up in their dancing attire.
    • Play the music and let everyone dance and have fun together.

Virtual Talent Show with Holiday Performances:

  • Overview: Organize a virtual talent show where employees showcase their holiday-themed talents.
  • Instructions:
    • Invite employees to sign up for the talent show.
    • Set a date and time for the virtual talent show on a video call.
    • Participants perform their holiday-themed talents, such as singing, dancing, or playing an instrument.
    • Judges or fellow participants can vote for the best performances.
    • Award prizes to the top talents.

Holiday-Themed Charades via Video Call:

  • Overview: Play a virtual game of charades with holiday-related words and phrases.
  • Instructions:
    • Create a list of holiday-themed words or phrases for charades.
    • Divide participants into teams.
    • One person acts out the word or phrase without speaking, while their team guesses.
    • Keep score, and the team with the most correct guesses wins.

Online Holiday Card-Making Workshop:

  • Overview: Host a virtual workshop where participants create personalized holiday cards.
  • Instructions:
    • Provide digital or printable templates for holiday cards.
    • Share a variety of design ideas and techniques.
    • Set a time for the workshop on a video call.
    • Participants craft their cards while following instructions.
    • Share the finished cards with each other or send them to loved ones.

Virtual Casino Night with Holiday Games:

  • Overview: Organize a virtual casino night featuring holiday-themed games.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose casino games like poker, blackjack, or roulette.
    • Set up online platforms for the games or use virtual casino apps.
    • Participants play the games with virtual chips or tokens.
    • Incorporate holiday-themed elements and prizes.

Virtual Icebreaker Games:

  • Overview: Start your virtual holiday party with icebreaker games to get everyone engaged and chatting.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose icebreaker games suitable for a virtual setting, like "Two Truths and a Lie" or "Would You Rather?"
    • Allocate time for these games at the beginning of the party.
    • Facilitate discussions and encourage participation.

Virtual Photo Booth with Holiday Props:

  • Overview: Set up a virtual photo booth where participants can take festive photos with holiday-themed props.
  • Instructions:
    • Share a link to a virtual photo booth platform.
    • Provide a variety of holiday props like Santa hats, reindeer antlers, and holiday signs.
    • Participants can take photos in their virtual booths and share them during the party.
    • Create a contest for the most creative or funniest photos.

Share Personal Holiday Traditions:

  • Overview: Foster a sense of community by having employees share their personal holiday traditions and customs.
  • Instructions:
    • Invite participants to discuss and share their favorite holiday traditions.
    • Encourage employees to talk about unique or cultural traditions.
    • Create a collaborative environment where everyone can learn from each other's experiences.

Virtual Book Club Discussing a Holiday-Themed Book:

  • Overview: Form a virtual book club and select a holiday-themed book to read and discuss.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose a holiday-related book that everyone can access.
    • Set a schedule for reading the book over a few weeks.
    • Arrange virtual book club meetings to discuss different aspects of the book.
    • Share insights, thoughts, and reflections on the holiday-themed story.


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Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

1. Renting a Private Venue for a Formal Dinner:

  • Overview: Organize an elegant corporate Christmas party at a private venue with a formal dinner setting.
  • Instructions:
    • Select a suitable private venue with catering services.
    • Set a date and time for the event.
    • Arrange for formal dining, with a three-course or multi-course meal.
    • Decorate the venue in a sophisticated holiday theme.
    • Consider hiring a live band or DJ for music and dancing after the dinner.

2. Holiday-Themed Charity Fundraiser:

  • Overview: Combine the spirit of giving with your corporate party by hosting a charity fundraiser.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose a charitable organization or cause to support.
    • Plan fundraising activities like silent auctions, raffles, or donation drives.
    • Set a fundraising goal and communicate it to attendees.
    • Incorporate holiday-themed decorations and elements to enhance the festive atmosphere.
    • Announce the total funds raised and thank attendees for their contributions.

3. Casino Night with Corporate Prizes:

  • Overview: Create a corporate casino night with games like poker, blackjack, and roulette.
  • Instructions:
    • Rent casino tables and equipment or use virtual casino platforms.
    • Provide players with chips or tokens to use for betting.
    • Offer corporate-themed prizes for winners.
    • Create a festive ambiance with casino-themed decorations.
    • Consider hiring professional dealers for an authentic casino experience.

4. Talent Show Featuring Employees' Hidden Talents:

  • Overview: Showcase the hidden talents of your employees in a talent show format.
  • Instructions:
    • Encourage employees to sign up to participate in the talent show.
    • Set a date and time for the show.
    • Allocate a stage or performance area with appropriate lighting and sound equipment.
    • Employees can showcase a variety of talents, such as singing, dancing, magic, or comedy.
    • Judges or audience members can vote for their favorite acts, and you can award prizes to winners.

5. Outdoor Winter Sports and Games:

  • Overview: Arrange outdoor winter sports and games for an active and fun-filled corporate party.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose a location with facilities for winter sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, or ice skating.
    • Organize friendly competitions or team-building activities in the snow.
    • Provide equipment rentals or instructions for those new to the sports.
    • Offer hot beverages and snacks to keep everyone warm and energized.
    • Incorporate a holiday theme into the outdoor activities and decorations.

6. Wine or Whiskey Tasting Event:

  • Overview: Host a wine or whiskey tasting event for employees to savor and appreciate different spirits.
  • Instructions:
    • Select a variety of wines or whiskeys for tasting.
    • Hire a professional sommelier or whiskey expert to guide the tasting.
    • Provide tasting cards or booklets with information about each selection.
    • Arrange for appetizers or small plates to complement the drinks.
    • Create a cozy and refined atmosphere for the tasting.

7. Holiday Cruise or Boat Party:

  • Overview: Take your corporate Christmas party to the water with a holiday-themed cruise or boat party.
  • Instructions:
    • Book a boat or cruise with ample space for dining and entertainment.
    • Set a departure time and location, and consider a scenic route.
    • Arrange for holiday decorations and festive music onboard.
    • Offer a buffet or plated meal, as well as drinks and cocktails.
    • Organize onboard activities and entertainment, such as a DJ or live music.

8. Renting a Theater for a Private Movie Screening:

  • Overview: Create a cinematic experience by renting a theater for a private movie screening.
  • Instructions:
    • Choose a popular holiday film or a movie related to your company's theme.
    • Rent a theater and screen the film exclusively for your employees.
    • Provide popcorn, candy, and drinks for a classic movie night experience.
    • Arrange comfortable seating and create a festive atmosphere in the theater.
    • Consider hosting a discussion or trivia session about the film afterward.

9. Corporate Gift Exchange with a Budget Limit:

  • Overview: Organize a gift exchange among employees with a predetermined budget limit.
  • Instructions:
    • Use a Secret Santa generator tool to assign gift recipients.
    • Set a budget limit and communicate it to all participants.
    • Employees purchase gifts for their assigned colleagues within the budget.
    • Host a gift exchange event during the corporate party.
    • Encourage participants to share the thought and sentiment behind their gifts.

10. Themed Masquerade Ball: 

Overview: Host an elegant masquerade ball where employees dress in formal attire and wear masks. 


  • Select a glamorous venue suitable for a masquerade ball. 

  • Communicate the dress code and provide guidance on mask options. 

  • Decorate the venue with opulent decorations and masks. 

  • Organize a mask contest and award prizes for the most creative or elegant masks. 

  • Include dancing and live music for a luxurious atmosphere.

11. Hiring a Live Band or DJ for Dancing: 

Overview: Elevate your corporate Christmas party with live music or a DJ to get everyone dancing. 


  • Book a live band or DJ with a repertoire of holiday and dance music. 

  • Choose a venue that accommodates dancing and live performances. 

  • Decorate the venue in a festive theme. 

  • Create a playlist of holiday and dance music for breaks between live performances. 

  • Encourage employees to hit the dance floor and enjoy the entertainment.

12. Team-Building Activities with a Holiday Twist: 

Overview: Combine team-building activities with holiday-themed challenges to enhance camaraderie. 


  • Plan team-building activities like escape rooms, obstacle courses, or problem-solving games. 

  • Integrate holiday elements into the challenges, such as solving Christmas puzzles or completing tasks related to holiday traditions. 

  • Divide employees into teams and have them compete in the activities. 

  • Offer prizes for the winning team or individuals based on teamwork and performance.

13. Escape Room Challenge with a Christmas Theme: 

Overview: Engage employees in a thrilling escape room experience with a Christmas storyline. 


  • Find an online escape room provider or create your own virtual escape room with a Christmas theme. 

  • Book a suitable location or set up the virtual game. 

  • Divide employees into teams and give them a time limit to solve puzzles and "escape." 

  • Reward the team or individual who successfully completes the challenge. 

  • Incorporate holiday decorations and props to enhance the theme.

14. Formal Awards Ceremony for Employees: 

Overview: Recognize and reward outstanding employees with a formal awards ceremony. 


  • Select categories for awards, such as "Employee of the Year" or "Team Player Award." 

  • Collect nominations from employees or managers. 

  • Plan an elegant awards ceremony with speeches and presentations. 

  • Announce and celebrate the award recipients. 

  • Offer trophies or certificates as keepsakes to honor their achievements.

15. Renting a Lodge or Cabin for a Cozy Retreat: 

Overview: Escape to a cozy lodge or cabin for a corporate holiday retreat. 


  • Choose a suitable lodge or cabin in a picturesque location. 

  • Arrange accommodations for employees to stay overnight or for a weekend. 

  • Plan indoor and outdoor activities like bonfires, winter sports, and team-building games. 

  • Create a schedule for relaxation and bonding. 

  • Enjoy the holiday spirit in a serene setting while fostering team camaraderie.

16. Themed Murder Mystery Dinner Party: 

Overview: Host a captivating murder mystery dinner party with employees playing character roles. 


  • Select a murder mystery game or hire a professional host to facilitate the event. 

  • Assign characters and provide background information to participants in advance. 

  • Decorate the venue according to the chosen theme or storyline. 

  • Employees work together to solve the mystery while enjoying a dinner. 

  • Reveal the "killer" and celebrate the successful investigation.


17. Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt: 

Overview: Add excitement to your corporate Christmas party with a holiday-themed scavenger hunt. 


  • Create a list of holiday-related items or clues for employees to find. 

  • Divide participants into teams and provide them with the list. 

  • Set a time limit for completing the hunt.

  •  The team that finds all items or solves all clues first wins. 

  • Incorporate holiday decorations and props throughout the hunt.

18. Interactive Cooking or Mixology Class: 

Overview: Engage employees in a cooking or mixology class where they learn to prepare holiday-themed dishes or cocktails. 


  • Hire a professional chef or mixologist to lead the class. 

  • Choose holiday recipes or cocktails for participants to create. 

  • Provide ingredients and equipment for the class, either in person or virtually. 

  • Participants follow instructions to prepare and enjoy their culinary creations. 

  • Offer a tasting session and share recipes for future use.

19. Outdoor Bonfire and Marshmallow Roasting: 

Overview: Create a warm and cozy atmosphere with an outdoor bonfire and marshmallow roasting activity. 


  • Arrange a designated area with a safe bonfire pit. 

  • Provide marshmallows, graham crackers, and chocolate for making s'mores. 

  • Employees gather around the bonfire to roast marshmallows and make s'mores. 

  • Offer hot cocoa, cider, or mulled wine to accompany the treats. 

  • Include holiday music and storytelling for added ambiance.

20. Renting an Art Studio for a Painting Party: 

Overview: Unleash creativity by renting an art studio for a painting party with a holiday theme. 


  • Book an art studio or hire a local artist to provide painting instruction. 

  • Choose a holiday-themed painting project for employees to work on. 

  • Provide all necessary art supplies, including canvases, paints, and brushes. 

  • Employees follow the instructor's guidance to create their holiday-themed paintings. 

  • Encourage employees to showcase their artistic talents and share their completed works.

21. Comedy Show or Improv Night: 

Overview: Bring laughter and entertainment to your corporate Christmas party with a comedy show or improv night. 


  • Hire a professional comedian or improv troupe to perform. 

  • Set a stage and seating area for the performance. 

  • Create a relaxed and jovial atmosphere with holiday-themed décor. 

  • Allow for audience interaction and participation in improv games. 

  • Enjoy a night of laughter and humor as a team-building experience.

22. Karaoke Competition with Corporate-Themed Songs: 

Overview: Host a corporate-themed karaoke competition where employees sing their favorite songs. 


  • Set up a karaoke machine or use a karaoke app. 

  • Prepare a list of corporate-themed songs or parodies related to your industry or company. 

  • Employees take turns singing their chosen songs or parodies. 

  • Judges or participants vote for the best performances. 

  • Award prizes to the top singers and performers.


23. Ice Skating or Roller Skating Party: 

Overview: Plan an ice skating or roller skating party for employees to enjoy a fun and active winter activity. 


  • Choose a nearby ice skating rink or roller skating venue. 

  • Rent skates or encourage employees to bring their own. 

  • Arrange group skating sessions and activities. 

  • Offer hot drinks and snacks to keep everyone warm and energized. 

  • Incorporate holiday decorations and music to enhance the festive atmosphere.

24. Holiday-Themed Golf Tournament: 

Overview: Combine the love of golf with the holiday spirit by hosting a themed golf tournament. 


  • Reserve a golf course and set a date for the tournament. 

  • Encourage employees to dress in holiday-themed golf attire. 

  • Create festive golf holes with holiday decorations and challenges. 

  • Award prizes for various golf achievements and creative outfits. 

  • Conclude the tournament with a holiday-themed dinner or awards ceremony.

25. Outdoor Picnic with Festive Food and Games: 

Overview: Organize an outdoor picnic where employees can enjoy festive food and participate in fun games. 


  • Choose a scenic outdoor location for the picnic. 

  • Arrange picnic tables, blankets, and seating areas. 

  • Serve a picnic-style meal with holiday-themed dishes. 

  • Plan outdoor games like sack races, tug-of-war, or frisbee. 

  • Provide hot cocoa, cider, and seasonal desserts for everyone to savor.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make my office Christmas party fun?

  • To make your office Christmas party fun, consider the following:
    • Plan engaging activities and games, such as Secret Santa gift exchanges, trivia contests, or a dance-off.
    • Create a festive atmosphere with holiday decorations and music.
    • Offer a variety of delicious food and drinks.
    • Encourage employees to dress up in festive attire or participate in themed costume contests.
    • Consider incorporating team-building exercises or charity fundraisers to add meaning to the celebration.

How can I make Christmas fun at work?

  • You can make Christmas fun at work by:
    • Decorating the office with holiday-themed decorations.
    • Organizing holiday-themed contests or competitions.
    • Providing treats and snacks for employees, such as cookies and hot cocoa.
    • Hosting a holiday-themed potluck lunch.
    • Encouraging employees to share their favorite holiday traditions or stories.

What do people do at work Christmas parties?

  • At work Christmas parties, people typically:
    • Socialize and network with colleagues.
    • Enjoy festive food and drinks.
    • Participate in activities and games like gift exchanges, trivia, or dancing.
    • Celebrate achievements or milestones with award ceremonies or speeches.
    • Share laughter and enjoy the holiday spirit with coworkers.

How do you host a good Christmas party at work?

  • To host a good Christmas party at work, follow these steps:
    • Plan well in advance, considering the budget, venue, and activities.
    • Choose a theme or holiday focus for the party.
    • Send out invitations with clear details.
    • Arrange for food, drinks, and entertainment that cater to employees' preferences.
    • Create a festive atmosphere with decorations and music.
    • Ensure inclusivity and consider diverse traditions and beliefs.
    • Encourage participation and engagement through games, contests, or team-building activities.
    • Express appreciation and recognition for employees' contributions.

How can I make my work party more fun?

  • You can make your work party more fun by:
    • Incorporating entertaining games and activities, like trivia, karaoke, or a photo booth.
    • Creating a theme and encouraging employees to dress up accordingly.
    • Providing a variety of food and drink options, including festive treats.
    • Offering opportunities for employees to socialize and connect.
    • Including surprises or small gifts to add excitement to the event.
    • Ensuring a positive and inclusive atmosphere.

How do you socialize at an office Christmas party?

  • To socialize at an office Christmas party, consider these tips:
    • Approach colleagues with a friendly and open attitude.
    • Start conversations by asking about their holiday plans or traditions.
    • Join in group activities or games to break the ice.
    • Listen actively and show genuine interest in your coworkers' stories and experiences.
    • Share your own holiday anecdotes or memories.
    • Be respectful of diverse backgrounds and beliefs to create an inclusive environment.

How do you celebrate Christmas with staff?

  • To celebrate Christmas with your staff, you can:
    • Organize a festive office party with food, drinks, and activities.
    • Exchange small gifts or tokens of appreciation with your team.
    • Decorate the workplace with holiday decorations.
    • Encourage employees to participate in holiday-themed contests or charity drives.
    • Express gratitude through holiday cards or personal messages.
    • Consider allowing flexible work hours or time off during the holiday season.

What to make for a company Christmas party?

  • When planning food for a company Christmas party, you can consider:
    • Appetizers like stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, or cheese platters.
    • A main course that caters to dietary preferences, such as roast turkey, ham, or vegetarian options.
    • Sides like mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, and salads.
    • Desserts like cookies, cakes, or a holiday-themed dessert bar.
    • Beverages including a selection of wines, cocktails, and non-alcoholic options.
    • Ensure there are options for employees with dietary restrictions or allergies.
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