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My Favorite Fountain Pen Friendly Paper

In my list of my ultimate fountain pen friendly paper, I'll share insights into my top picks for fountain pen-friendly papers. Whether you're a seasoned writer or just starting to explore the world of fountain pens, these recommendations will help you find the right paper for a smooth, enjoyable writing experience. No frills, just practical advice to enhance your penmanship.

1. FEITAKE Bleed Proof Paper

I use this set of paper for my fountain pens regularly because it offers a writing experience like no other. The smooth texture of the paper allows the nib to glide effortlessly, resulting in clean and precise lines with every stroke. The weight and thickness of the paper provide a sturdy and durable surface, preventing any bleed-through or feathering of ink. Moreover, the creamy color of the paper enhances the richness and depth of the ink, making my writing look more vibrant and elegant. 

  • Sheet Count: 60
  • Paper Weight: 120lb (200gsm)
  • Size: A4 (8.3"x11.7" or 210x297mm)
  • Acid-free: Yes
  • Double-Sided Texture: Yes

No Bleed & Heavyweight Paper: Users praise this marker paper for being heavyweight at 120lb (200gsm), ensuring it's bleed-proof for all types of markers, including alcohol, oil, and water-based markers. This feature is highly valued by artists and students who want clean and precise artwork.

Acid-Free Art Paper: The acid-free quality of the paper ensures that your creations won't fade or deteriorate over time. This is especially important for artists who want their artwork to remain vibrant and long-lasting.

Positive User Reviews: Many customers have left positive reviews, highlighting the paper's ability to handle alcohol markers without bleed-through. Users appreciate its thickness and quality, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced artists.

2. Marker Paper Sketchbook

While this sketchbook is primarily designed for alcohol and pigment markers, the smooth-coated, bleed-proof paper in this sketchbook provides a fantastic writing experience with my fountain pens. The paper's thickness and smooth texture allow the ink to glide smoothly, creating clean and precise lines. Plus, its acid-free composition ensures that my writing won't fade or yellow over time, preserving the integrity of my notes and artwork. 

  • Paper Finish: Coated, Smooth
  • Sheet Count: 50
  • Dimensions: 8.5"L x 8.11"W

  1. Positive User Feedback: Customers who have used this product have praised its performance, with many noting that it works exceptionally well with alcohol markers, and how it saves on marker ink due to its non-bleeding properties.

  2. Smooth and Precise: The smooth-coated paper provides a pleasant writing and drawing experience, especially for fountain pen users, ensuring clean and precise lines.

  3. Long-Lasting Quality: Unlike some low-quality drawing notebooks, this sketchbook's 120 GSM 80 lbs bleed-proof paper is acid-free, ensuring that your artwork won't fade or yellow over time, preserving its quality for years. 



3. Bleed Proof Note Cards

I've developed a deep appreciation for bleed-proof note cards over the years because they offer a rare blend of reliability and convenience. These note cards are a true game-changer for fountain pen enthusiasts like me. The reason is simple: they live up to their name. The superior paper quality of bleed-proof note cards prevents ink from seeping through to the other side of the paper, ensuring a clean and professional look to your notes or correspondence. Whether I'm jotting down ideas, sketching, or writing a heartfelt message, I can count on these note cards to showcase the beauty of my fountain pen ink without any unsightly blotches or smudges. 

• Size: 4.25in x 5.5in
• 110lb Card stock, heavy weight, smooth white
• Packaged in a clear cello sleeve, or a clear box (set of 20 or more)

4. Personalized Bleed Proof Note Pads

I've come to truly appreciate bleed-proof notepads for one simple reason: they offer a pristine canvas for my fountain pen, allowing me to fully immerse myself in the writing experience without any worries. These notepads are a fountain pen enthusiast's dream. The paper quality is exceptional, designed to resist any ink from bleeding through to the other side, ensuring that both sides of the page remain usable.

• Size..5.5 in x 8.5in
• 50 single-sided pages
• Paper Stock: 70# white opaque paper
• Padded with chipboard
• Bound with a padding compound

5. String & Space No Bleed Paper

The paper's thickness and quality ensure that my fountain pen ink doesn't bleed through or feather, allowing me to write smoothly and express my thoughts with precision. Additionally, the large size of the sketchbook offers ample space for my creative endeavors, making it the perfect companion for both writing and drawing. This sketchbook not only elevates my writing experience but also inspires my creativity, making it an essential tool for my artistic and writing pursuits.

  • Sheet Size: 11.7 x 16.5 inches
  • Sheet Count: 40
  • Product Dimensions: 16.5"L x 11.4"W
  • Item Weight: 7.1 ounces

Hardcover and Wire Binding: The sketchbook comes with a hardcover, providing durability and protection for your artwork. It also features wire binding, allowing you to draw in landscape or portrait orientation.

Positive Reviews: Customer reviews highlight the excellent quality of this sketchbook. Users appreciate the thickness and weight of the paper, making it suitable for various artistic techniques. It stands up well to inks, watercolors, and more.

Wide Work Area: The large size of the sketchbook's pages provides a spacious work area, making it suitable for artists who like to work with various mediums and styles.



6. Kokuyo Campus Loose Leaf Paper

This particular set, with its A4 size and 30 holes, perfectly complements my binder system, keeping my notes organized and easily accessible. Additionally, the fact that it's made in Japan from high-quality materials gives me confidence in its performance and durability. Overall, this paper enhances my fountain pen writing experience, making it my preferred choice for note-taking and creative writing.


  • Sheet Size: A4
  • Thickness: Approximately 0.10mm
  • pH Neutral: Yes
  • Number of Holes: 30

pH Neutral and Acid-Free: The paper is pH neutral and acid-free, making it ideal for long-term storage as it won't yellow or degrade over time.

Grid and Plain Ruled Options: The product offers different ruling options, including grid and plain ruled, catering to different needs and preferences.

Ideal for Note-Taking: Reviewers have noted that the paper is particularly suitable for note-taking, especially for students and professionals.



7. TRASEXTRA A5 Refillable Binder Paper

The quality of this paper ensures that my ink flows smoothly without any smudging or bleed-through, allowing me to write with precision and clarity. The 100gsm weight of the paper gives it a substantial feel, enhancing the writing experience. Additionally, the 6-hole design makes it easy to insert into my binder, and the ample quantity of 200 pages in the set of 2 means I have an abundant supply for all my note-taking needs. 

  • Paper Type: Lined Paper
  • Paper Size: 8.27 x 5.51 inches
  • Sheet Count: 100 sheets per pack (200 pages in total for 2 packs)
  • Paper Weight: 100gsm
  • Binding: 6-hole punched design

Clarity and Comfort: With a line spacing of 0.27 inches, this paper offers ample space for notes while ensuring clarity and legibility. It caters to students, professionals, and writers alike.

Bright White Paper: Crafted from bright white paper, it creates a vibrant contrast for easy readability, making every word or sketch stand out brilliantly.

Durable and Protected: Each pack comes with a sturdy cover, ensuring the longevity of your planner inserts or refills. The paper stays protected and durable, even with frequent use.

Positive User Reviews: Customers have praised the paper's quality, its compatibility with various writing instruments, and its durability. They also appreciate the included covers and its value for the price.

My absolute favorite fountain pens!

This is my first fountain pen, how the heck does this thing work?

What type of paper should I use for fountain pens?

Ideally, you should use paper that is specifically designed for fountain pens. Look for paper labeled as "fountain pen-friendly" or "ink-resistant." These papers are typically smoother and less absorbent, which helps to prevent feathering and bleeding of fountain pen ink.

Can I write on any paper with a fountain pen?

While you can technically write on any paper with a fountain pen, the quality of your writing experience may vary significantly. Fountain pens tend to perform best on high-quality, fountain pen-friendly paper. Writing on low-quality or absorbent paper can result in feathering, bleeding, and a less enjoyable writing experience.

What makes paper fountain pen-friendly?

Fountain pen-friendly paper is typically smooth and has a dense, less absorbent surface that prevents ink from feathering, spreading, or bleeding through. It often has a higher paper weight (measured in grams per square meter or GSM), which helps reduce show-through and allows ink to dry more quickly.

What paper is best for shading fountain pens?

If you want to achieve shading effects with your fountain pen ink, consider using high-quality, slightly textured paper. The texture can enhance ink shading by allowing the ink to pool in certain areas, creating a gradient effect. However, the best paper for shading can vary depending on personal preferences and the specific ink and pen you're using.

Does fountain pen ink bleed through paper?

Fountain pen ink can bleed through paper if the paper is of low quality or not designed for fountain pens. However, on fountain pen-friendly paper, ink bleeding is minimal or nonexistent, provided you're not using an extremely wet nib or heavily saturated ink.

Are fountain pens good for people with bad handwriting?

Fountain pens can be a great choice for people with bad handwriting. The smooth flow and consistent ink delivery of fountain pens can help improve handwriting legibility. Additionally, the weight and balance of a fountain pen can make it easier to control compared to some other writing instruments.

Why can't left-handed people use fountain pens?

Left-handed individuals can use fountain pens, but they may face some challenges related to ink smudging. Fountain pen ink is liquid and can take longer to dry, so left-handed writers need to be mindful of their hand position to avoid smudging the freshly written ink. Some left-handed writers prefer quick-drying inks or use specific left-handed nibs designed to minimize smudging. With practice and the right techniques, left-handed individuals can enjoy writing with fountain pens.

Why don 't Americans use fountain pens?

While fountain pens are not as common in everyday use in the United States as they once were, there are several reasons why many Americans have moved away from using fountain pens: Convenience: Ballpoint pens and rollerball pens are typically more convenient and low-maintenance. They don't require the same level of care and attention that fountain pens do. Fountain pens often need to be cleaned and maintained to prevent clogs and ensure smooth writing. Accessibility: Fountain pens can be more expensive than disposable ballpoint pens, which makes them less accessible to some individuals. High-quality fountain pens and premium inks can be a significant investment. Education and Familiarity: Many people in the United States grow up using ballpoint pens in school, so they become accustomed to them. Fountain pens may not be as prevalent in educational settings, leading to less familiarity with their use. Ink Smudging: Left-handed writers may encounter challenges with ink smudging when using fountain pens. This can be a deterrent for some individuals. Disposable Culture: Disposable pens are prevalent in the United States, reflecting a disposable culture in which convenience often takes precedence over longevity and sustainability. Technological Advancements: The rise of digital technology has decreased the need for handwritten communication, further reducing the demand for fountain pens.

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