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The Best Dip Pens

Dip pens are awesome tools for writing and drawing. They have a special nib that holds ink and a handle to control them. In my blog post for the best dip pens, I'll show you the best dip pens out there. Whether you like writing or drawing, dip pens can make your work look amazing. Come with me so I can show you several cool pens!

1. Glass Dip Pens

I really like using glass dip pens because they give me a special feeling when I write or draw. What makes them so cool is that they have clear glass tips. These tips look nice and last a long time. They can hold a lot of ink, so you don't have to keep dipping them in ink all the time. And you can see how much ink is left, which is helpful. Glass dip pens work well for both beginners and experts who want a smooth and easy tool for writing or drawing.

  • Sturdy Material: Glass nibs are strong and last a long time, much longer than regular metal nibs. They keep working well for a while.

  •  You can See the Ink: Since the nibs are see-through, you can watch the ink as it flows. This helps you know when you need more ink, so you don't run out unexpectedly when you're writing or drawing. 

  • Easy to Write: Glass nibs make it easy to write or draw smoothly and evenly. You can make very detailed lines and shapes. Use 

  • Different Inks: You can use all sorts of inks with glass dip pens, like the ones you use in regular fountain pens. This gives you lots of options for being creative. 

  • Simple to Clean: Cleaning glass dip pens is pretty easy, which is good for artists and writers. They're a handy choice.

"I want luxury stationery for my vintage pens."

2. Stainless Steel Dip Pens

I like using stainless steel dip pens because they offer something special. What sets them apart and makes them great is their strong and durable steel nibs. These nibs last a long time, so you don't have to worry about them wearing out quickly. Stainless steel dip pens also provide a smooth and consistent writing or drawing experience. They're great for detailed work and come in different nib sizes for various styles. So, if you're wondering why I prefer stainless steel dip pens, it's because they combine durability and precision, making them an excellent choice for creative projects.


  • Many Nib Sizes: Stainless steel dip pens come in different nib sizes, so you can pick the one that's best for your writing or drawing style. 

  • Use Different Inks: You can use lots of different inks with these pens, which gives you lots of ways to be creative. 

  • Easy to Clean: These pens are not hard to clean and take care of, which is good for artists and writers. 

  • Look Professional: They often have a nice and professional look, so you can use them for important things like work or personal projects. 

  • Great for Details: The stainless steel nibs let you control how thick or thin your lines are, which is great for calligraphy and detailed drawings.

3. Quill Dip Pens

I like using quill dip pens because they're special and have a connection to history. What makes them different and good is their nib. Famous people like Shakespeare used them a long time ago. So, when I use quill dip pens, it feels like I'm part of history, and they're great for making fancy writing and art.

  1. Expressive Writing: Quill dip pens are excellent tools for calligraphy and expressive writing due to their ability to create beautiful, flowing lines.

  2. Link to Famous Figures: Many renowned historical figures like Shakespeare and Thomas Jefferson used quill dip pens, adding to their allure and charm.

  3. Artistic Creativity: Quill dip pens are beloved by artists for their ability to create intricate and artistic details in drawings and sketches.

What are the best dip pens?

The best dip pens vary depending on personal preferences and the specific purpose. Some popular brands include Speedball, Brause, and Hunt, known for their quality nibs and reliability.

Are dip pens worth it?

Dip pens are worth it for those who appreciate precise and expressive writing or artistic work. They offer unique capabilities not found in other writing tools, making them valuable for calligraphers, artists, and enthusiasts.

What is the best dip pen paper?

The best dip pen paper typically has a smooth surface that prevents feathering and bleed-through. High-quality options include bristol board, watercolor paper, and some specialized calligraphy papers.

Why do artists still use dip pens?

Artists use dip pens for their versatility, precision, and the unique line quality they provide. Dip pens allow artists to create intricate details and expressive lines in their artwork.

What dip pens do mangaka use?

Many manga artists (mangaka) use G-pen nibs, mapping nibs, and other specialized nibs in dip pens to create the fine lines and dynamic strokes often seen in manga illustrations.

Should I clean dip pen or pencil?

Dip pens should be cleaned after each use to prevent ink buildup, which can affect their performance. Pencils do not require cleaning, as they use graphite that leaves no residue.

What are glass dip pens good for?

Glass dip pens are good for various writing tasks and artwork. They offer a smooth writing experience, are easy to clean, and their transparent nibs allow you to see the ink flow. They are especially suitable for colorful inks and adding a touch of elegance to your work.

What is the difference between a nib pen and a dip pen?

A nib pen typically refers to a pen with a replaceable metal nib that's inserted into a pen holder. A dip pen, on the other hand, is a type of nib pen that requires manually dipping the nib into ink as needed for writing or drawing. So, all dip pens are nib pens, but not all nib pens are dip pens.

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