7 MUST HAVE Art Supplies [I WISH I Knew Before!]

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My List of The Must Have Art Supplies

As an experienced artist, I understand the importance of having the right tools at your fingertips. In my latest blog post, I've curated a list of must have art supplies that have been essential to my own creative journey. These carefully chosen supplies, including quality brushes and reliable easels, have been my trusted companions in countless artistic endeavors. 

Let's go over a rundown of what will be on this list...

  • Erasers: Erasers are like magic wands for artists. They help fix mistakes and make your drawings look just right.

  • Brushes: Brushes are like your artistic tools. They help you paint, add details, and bring your imagination to life on paper or canvas.

  • Painting Accessories: These special tools, like palette knives, help mix colors and create beautiful textures in your paintings. They're like secret helpers for artists.

  • Coloring Pencils: Coloring pencils are like a rainbow in your hand. They let you add color to your drawings and make them pop with vibrant shades.

  • Canvases: Canvases are like your artist's stage. They provide a special place for your artwork to shine, whether you're painting a masterpiece or just having fun.

  • Tracing Paper: Tracing paper is like a magic window. It helps you copy pictures or designs, making it easier to learn and create.

  • Watercolor Palette: A watercolor palette is like a treasure chest of colors. It holds all the beautiful watercolors you need to create dreamy, flowing paintings.


1. Professional Erasers

Erasers are incredibly important tools for artists like myself. They help us fix mistakes and make our artwork look just the way we want it to. When I draw or write, sometimes my lines don't turn out exactly how I planned. That's where erasers come to the rescue! They allow me to gently remove those stray marks or smudges without damaging the paper. Erasers make my art look neat and tidy, which is essential for creating beautiful drawings and writings. 

  • Quality: High quality, latex-free eraser
  • Eraser Durability: Doesn't crack or harden with age, remains soft and ready to use
  • Protective Sleeve: Comes with a protective sleeve to keep you and the eraser clean
  • Erasing Performance: Removes lead easily and cleanly with very little pressure
  • Smudge-Free: No smudges, no paper tears, and no ghosting
  1. Good Erasing: This eraser is excellent because it can remove pencil marks easily without needing to press too hard. It works well and leaves your paper looking clean and neat.

  2. Easy to Use: This eraser has a simple shape that's great for erasing small details or big areas quickly. Whether you're doing detailed artwork or just fixing mistakes, it's a handy tool.

  3. No Mess: When you use this eraser, it won't smudge your paper, tear it, or leave any marks behind. It keeps your work looking nice and clean.

2. Paint Brushes

Good quality paint brushes can make a big difference in your artwork. When you use them, it's like having a magic wand that helps you create beautiful strokes and precise details in your paintings. Cheap brushes can be scratchy and lose their bristles, which can ruin your masterpiece. But with good quality brushes, the bristles stay put, and they feel smooth on the canvas. Want to explore the top quality brushes that don't break the bank? Click HERE to see my list. 

  • Paint Type: Acrylic, Oil, Watercolor
  • Number of Pieces: 24 brushes in total
  • Bristle Type: Synthetic
  1. Great Brushes: These brushes are made from special synthetic bristles that work like natural brushes. You can use them for all sorts of painting, like acrylic, oil, watercolor, and gouache.

  2. Strong and Durable: The brushes have strong metal parts that connect the bristles to the wooden handle. This makes them last a long time, even if you use them a lot.

  3. Lots of Choices: In this set, you get 24 brushes in different shapes, like wide flat, flat, round, and more. This means you can try out lots of different ways to paint and make cool art.

3. Painting Accessory Set (With a Kneadable Eraser!)

Understanding the importance of a painting accessories kit is essential for any artist. Think of it as your artist's toolbox, holding all the essential tools you need to make your artwork shine. Inside, you'll discover palettes for mixing colors, brushes for creating different effects, and handy containers for keeping paints fresh. With a good kit, you can focus on your art without searching for supplies, making the painting process smoother and more enjoyable. So, remember, a painting accessories kit is a must-have for any artist!

  • What it includes: This kit is a 139-piece art set designed for artists of all levels.
  • What The Materials Are Compatible with: It includes materials for oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting.
  • Additional Accessories: The set comes with various canvases, brushes, paint tubes, easels, and more.
  1. Big 139-Piece Kit: This kit has lots of art supplies and tools. It's got everything you need for oil, acrylic, and watercolor painting.
  2. For All Skill Levels: Whether you're just starting, getting better, or really good at art, this kit is made for everyone. Kids, teens, adults, and seniors can all use it.

  3. Good Easels: The kit comes with two easels. One is light and adjustable for painting outside, and the other is a wooden desk easel with a drawer for organizing your stuff. These easels make it easy to paint anywhere.

4. Coloring Pencils

I find colored pencils to be a crucial tool in my art kit because they allow me to color with precision and control. Unlike paint or markers, which can get a bit messy at times, colored pencils let me add tiny details and create intricate shading in my artwork. This precision is super important when I want to make my drawings look realistic and detailed.

  • Ink Color: Multicolor
  • Age Range (Description): Adult
  • Material: Tin, Metal
  • Number of Colored Pencils: 160
  1. Each pencil is labeled and numbered for easy color identification.
  2. The set includes 160 different colored pencils.
  3. These colored pencils have a thick lead for blending, layering, and shading.

5. Canvases

Canvases are like my artistic playground. They're really important in my art supplies because they're strong and flexible for my art. Unlike regular paper, which can be too delicate for some things, canvases can handle all sorts of art stuff like paint, acrylics, and even mixed media. What's awesome about canvases is they come in different sizes and shapes, so I can be creative in lots of ways. Whether I want to paint something small and detailed or something big and bold, there's a canvas size that's just right.

  • Sizes:
    • 6x8 inches
    • 8x10 inches
    • 10x12 inches
    • 12x16 inches
  1. Acid-Free: Yes, both the canvas and the primer (triple-primed gesso) are acid-free.
  2. Sturdiness: Stretched and stapled onto pinewood bars for a firm frame
  3. Ideal for: Professional artists, hobby painters, beginners, and kids
  4. Preservation: Acid-free coating ensures long-term preservation of your artwork

6. Tracing Paper

One great thing about tracing paper is that it lets me try new things and fix my drawings without worrying about mistakes. If I'm working on a tricky design or want to test different ideas, I can use tracing paper to copy and redo my drawing until it looks just right. Tracing paper also helps when I want to move my sketches onto different surfaces, like canvas or special paper for painting. This way, I keep all the details and sizes from my original drawing, making the transfer easier.

  • Sheet Size: 8.5-x-11 Inches
  • Paper Finish: Tracing
  • Sheet Count: 100
  • Paper Weight: 36
  • Product Dimensions: 11"L x 8.5"W
  1. Transparent vellum paper for arts and crafts.
  2. Each sheet measures 8.5 x 11 inches.
  3. Paper weight is 36lb/60gsm.
  4. Smooth surface for precise drawings with pencils, ink, and markers.
  5. Resistant to tearing and curling.
  6. Acid-free for professional use.

7. Winsor & Newton Watercolor Paint Pallette

A watercolor paint palette is an essential part of my art kit because it offers a world of possibilities when it comes to painting. Unlike other paint types, watercolors are special because they can be easily mixed with water to create beautiful, translucent layers of color. One of the incredible things about a watercolor palette is the wide range of colors it provides. It's like having a rainbow in a box! This variety allows me to create endless shades and tones, giving life to my imagination and making my artwork vibrant and captivating. Want to explore my all time favorite watercolor paint palettes I swear by? Click HERE to discover my list. 

  • Color: Set of 45
  • Size: 46 Piece Set
  • Item Volume: 45 Milliliters
  1. High-Quality Watercolors: Winsor & Newton Cotman Water Colours are made to high quality standards.

  2. Economical Pricing: These watercolors provide high quality at an economical price point by using less expensive alternatives to some costly pigments.

  3. Good Transparency: Cotman Water Colours offer good transparency, allowing for vibrant and clear watercolor painting.

  4. Excellent Tinting Strength: These watercolors have excellent tinting strength, allowing you to achieve a wide range of colors and shades. 

Don't see the colors you like? No worries, there are so many more to choose from!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What art supplies should every artist have?


Every artist should have some essential supplies, including pencils, erasers, sketchbooks or paper, a good set of paints (watercolors, acrylics, or oils depending on preference), paintbrushes, canvases or paper for painting, and various drawing tools like charcoal, pastels, or markers. These basics form the foundation of an artist's toolkit.

What are good art supplies to buy?


Good art supplies can vary depending on your specific needs and preferences, but quality brands for paints, brushes, and papers can make a big difference in your work. Some reputable brands include Winsor & Newton, Faber-Castell, Canson, and Arches, among others. It's often a good idea to invest in higher-quality supplies for a better artistic experience.

What art supplies should I get as a beginner?


If you're a beginner, it's a good idea to start with the basics. Get a sketchbook or drawing paper, a set of pencils, erasers, and a simple set of paints and brushes. As you gain experience and explore different mediums, you can expand your collection based on your interests.

What are some unique art supplies?


Unique art supplies can include specialty papers, unconventional materials like found objects for mixed media art, unique pigments, or specialized tools for specific art styles. It really depends on your artistic goals and what you find inspiring.

What should I buy if I want to start painting?


If you want to start painting, consider getting a set of paints (watercolors, acrylics, or oils), a variety of brushes, canvases or painting paper, a palette for mixing colors, and a good easel for support. These are the essentials to begin your painting journey.

What is the most profitable art style?


The profitability of an art style can vary greatly based on factors such as the artist's reputation, the current art market trends, and individual collector preferences. Styles like abstract, contemporary, and realism have been known to be profitable, but there's no one-size-fits-all answer. Success in the art world often depends on a combination of talent, uniqueness, marketing, and timing.

What is junk art materials?


"Junk art materials" typically refer to discarded or recycled materials that artists repurpose to create art. It's a form of found object art where artists transform everyday items into artistic creations. This approach often promotes sustainability and creativity.

What is the most a piece of art has sold for?


The price of art can vary enormously, and the most expensive piece ever sold can change over time. As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, "Salvator Mundi" by Leonardo da Vinci held the record for the highest price ever paid for a work of art at around $450 million. However, the art market is dynamic, and prices can fluctuate. It's a good idea to check the latest art auction results for the most up-to-date information on record-breaking sales.

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