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The Best Watercolor Paint

In my artistic journey, I've explored countless watercolor paints, and now, I'm excited to share my insights on the best watercolor paint for artists like you! Watercolors are like magic on paper, and choosing the right paints can make your artwork shine. In this blog post, I'll guide you through the vibrant world of watercolor paints, highlighting the top brands and sets that will help unleash your creativity. 

What is so great about these inks?

  • Watercolors are special because they blend and flow on paper in a unique way.
  • You can control how light or dark your painting is with watercolors, giving you artistic freedom.
  • They create beautiful art with a soft and dreamy look that's hard to achieve with other paints.
  • Cleanup is a breeze – all you need is water and a brush.
  • Watercolor paints are perfect for artists who want to create art that's imaginative and full of wonder.

1. ARTISTRO Watercolor Paint

I use this watercolor paint set often because it helps me make colorful and beautiful paintings. The colors in this set are really bright and pretty, and I can use them to make all sorts of cool art. It even comes with a special brush that holds water, so I don't need a cup of water nearby. I can take it with me when I go to the park or school because it's small and easy to carry. This set is like a treasure box of colors, and it makes painting a lot of fun!

  1. Color Variety: Includes 48 vivid colors, including metallic and fluorescent shades.
  2. Portability: Housed in a portable box for easy carrying and storage.
  3. Safe and Non-Toxic: Watercolors are non-toxic, making them safe for artists of all ages.
  4. Quality Materials: High-quality pigments for vibrant and long-lasting colors.
  • Beginner-Friendly: Suitable for artists of all levels, including beginners and kids, due to its non-toxic nature and included accessories.
  • Quality and Performance: Users praise the high-quality pigments that provide vibrant and beautiful colors, as well as the convenience of the included accessories like brushes and paper.
  • Versatility: This set is not limited to a specific type of artist and can be used for various art forms, including painting on canvas, walls, furniture, and more.

2. MozArt Supplies Watercolor Paint

I use the MozArt Supplies Watercolor Paint Essential Set because it helps me make beautiful paintings with vibrant colors. This paint set is perfect for beginners like me and professional artists too. It comes in a handy metal box with lots of different colors to choose from. The paint is safe to use and doesn't harm the environment. I can take it with me when I go to art class or paint outside in the park. It's a great way to have fun and be creative, and I love using it to make colorful artworks.

  1. Finish Type: Matte
  2. Size: 25 Piece Set
  3. Item Volume: 10 Milliliters
  4. Special Feature: Fade Resistant
  • Vibrant Colors: This watercolor paint set offers 24 vibrant and richly pigmented colors, allowing artists to create stunning and expressive artworks.

  • Fade-Resistant: The watercolors are fade-resistant, ensuring that your artwork retains its brilliance and quality over time.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: These watercolor paints are non-toxic and ASTM tested, making them safe for use by adults, kids, art students, and artists of all ages.

3. Chalkola Watercolor Paint

I really like using the Chalkola Watercolor Paint Set because it has lots of pretty colors that help me make beautiful pictures. It comes with brushes and a palette, which makes me feel like a real artist when I paint. The best part is that these paints are safe to use, so I don't have to worry. They also work well on different types of paper, so I can be creative in lots of ways. 

  1. Package Contents: This watercolor paint set includes 36 watercolor tubes, 1 watercolor palette, and 10 watercolor paint brushes.

  2. Variety of Colors: It offers a large selection of high-quality artist-grade colors, including metallic watercolors, suitable for artists of all levels.

  3. Paint Tube Size: Each watercolor tube contains 12 milliliters (0.4 ounces) of paint.

  •  Vibrant Colors: The watercolors in this set are praised for their vibrant and true-to-color appearance, making your artwork stand out.
  • Suitable for All Skill Levels: Whether you're a beginner or a professional artist, this set is designed to meet your watercolor painting needs.

  • Great Gift: It's an excellent choice for gifting, and it comes with a palette to help keep your watercolor paints organized.

  • Wide Range of Colors: With 36 different colors, including metallic options, you have a diverse palette to choose from, reducing the need for color mixing.

  • High Quality: Chalkola is known for producing high-quality art supplies, ensuring that you get the best tools for your artistic creations.

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4. Grabie Watercolor Paint

I use the Grabie Watercolor Paint Set because it helps me create beautiful paintings with lots of colors. This set has 100 different colors, including some that are shiny and special. It's easy to use, and I can take it with me when I travel because it comes in a strong metal box. The brushes and pencils that come with it make painting even more fun. Plus, these paints are safe to use, so I can enjoy painting without worrying. 

  1. Color Variety: The Grabie Watercolor Paint Set includes 100 unique and vibrant shades, providing a wide range of colors for various artistic projects.

  2. High-Quality Pigments: The watercolors are made from high-quality pigments that blend easily, ensuring smooth and rich color application.

  3. Durable and Non-Cracking: The solid watercolor pans are made using a finely milled, high-concentration process, making them durable and resistant to cracking.

  • Extensive Color Palette: With 100 colors to choose from, artists have a vast array of options to bring their creative visions to life.

  • High-Quality Performance: The watercolors are artist-grade and offer optimal performance and control, making them suitable for both beginners and experienced artists.

  • Unique Effects: The set's metallic, macaron, and fluorescent colors allow artists to add special effects to their artwork, enhancing creativity.

5. GenCrafts Watercolor Paint Palette

I often use the GenCrafts Watercolor Paint Palette because it helps me make beautiful paintings with lots of pretty colors. This set comes with 48 different colors, so I can create all sorts of amazing pictures. It also has special brushes that make it easy for me to paint, and it even comes with paper to paint on. I like that it doesn't make a mess, and I can carry it with me wherever I go. When I have questions or need help, the company is really nice and answers me quickly. 

  1. Colors: This watercolor paint set includes 48 vibrant colors, providing a wide range of options for artists and beginners.

  2. Bonus Paper Pad: The package includes a bonus paper pad with 15 sheets of watercolor paper, allowing users to start painting right away.

  • Dimensions: The item dimensions are approximately 9.4 x 5 x 1.3 inches, making it a compact and easy-to-store painting kit. 

  • Variety of Colors: With 48 colors included in the set, artists have a wide range of options to express their creativity and create beautiful artwork.

  • No Mess: The product is designed to be leak-free and mess-free, making it suitable for both professionals and beginners.
  • Premium Quality: The watercolor paints are crafted with long-lasting rich pigments, ensuring high-quality results and excellent color mixing and blending.

Frequently Asked Questions About Watercolor Paints

What is a good set of watercolors?


A good set of watercolors typically includes high-quality pigments that offer vibrant colors, good lightfastness (resistance to fading), and a range of colors suitable for your artistic needs. Some well-regarded brands for watercolor sets include Winsor & Newton, Daniel Smith, Schmincke, and Holbein.

What do watercolor artists use?


Watercolor artists use watercolor paints, brushes (often with soft bristles), watercolor paper, water containers, and palettes. They also use techniques like layering, blending, and controlled application of water to create their artwork.

What are artist grade watercolors? 


Artist grade watercolors are professional-quality paints made with the highest concentration of pigments, ensuring vibrant and long-lasting colors. They often have better lightfastness and fewer fillers compared to student-grade paints, making them suitable for serious artists.

Are Van Gogh watercolor paints good quality? 

Van Gogh watercolor paints are generally considered good quality, especially for intermediate artists. They offer a balance between quality and affordability. However, for artists seeking the highest professional quality, brands like Winsor & Newton or Daniel Smith might be preferred.

How can you tell if watercolor is good quality?


You can assess the quality of watercolor paints by checking the pigment concentration (higher is better), lightfastness ratings (good paints have high ratings), transparency (important for layering), and the reputation of the brand among artists.

What to look for when buying watercolor paint? 

When buying watercolor paint, consider factors like pigment quality, lightfastness ratings, transparency, color range, brand reputation, and your budget. It's essential to choose paints that align with your artistic goals and preferences.

What is the difference between student grade and professional watercolor paint? 


Student-grade watercolors are typically more affordable and have lower pigment concentrations and lightfastness ratings. They are suitable for beginners or for practice. Professional-grade watercolors, on the other hand, contain higher pigment concentrations and are designed for serious artists who require superior color quality and longevity.

What is the difference between Winsor and Newton and Cotman?


Winsor & Newton is a well-known brand that offers both professional-grade watercolors (Winsor & Newton Professional Watercolors) and student-grade watercolors (Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolors). The main difference lies in the quality of pigments and lightfastness, with the professional line being of higher quality and suitable for serious artists, while Cotman is designed for beginners and hobbyists.

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