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My Best Oil Paint Set

In my artistic journey, I've explored countless oil paint sets, and I'm excited to share my top picks with you. Finding the best oil paint sets can be a creative game-changer. These sets come with a range of vibrant colors and high-quality paints that make your artwork truly pop. Whether you're a budding artist or a seasoned pro, the right set can make a world of difference in your paintings. So, get ready to unleash your inner artist as we dive into the world of the best oil paint set!

1. Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint Set

I really like using the Winsor & Newton Winton Oil Color Paint Set for my paintings. These paints come in many different colors, and they are great for beginners like me. They are easy to mix and work with, and they make my artwork look colorful and beautiful. I also like that they have a good price, so I can buy more colors to create different pictures. These paints are a lot of fun to use, and they help me make my art come to life!

  • Color: 20 Colors
  • Finish Type: Oil
  • Size: 20 x 12ml tubes
  1. Lots of Color: The paint in this set has a lot of color, which is great for all kinds of art projects. It can cover things well and make colors brighter. 
  2. Always Looks the Same: The Winton Oil Color paints are always the same texture, which is a little harder than some other paints. It keeps brush and knife marks looking good. 
  3. Stays Bright: These paints use special colors that stay bright and don't fade over time. 
  4. Many Colors: This set comes with lots of different colors like white, lemon yellow, and Chinese yellow, so you can make lots of different art with them. 

2. Royal & Langnickel Oil Paint

I love using the Royal & Langnickel Oil Paints because they have lots of pretty colors, and they're easy to use. When I paint with these paints, my pictures turn out so colorful and beautiful. Plus, they come in small tubes that are perfect for beginners like me. I can mix the colors to create new ones, and it's so much fun to make my art look just the way I want it to. These paints make me feel like a real artist, and I can't wait to use them for all my art projects!

  • Product Dimensions: 10 x 7.7 x 1 inches
  • Item Package Dimension: 10.69L x 7.87W x 0.94H inches
  • Item Package Weight: 1.23 Pounds
  1. Variety of Colors: This set includes twenty-four 12ml oil paint tubes, providing a wide range of colors for your artistic needs.
  2. High Pigment Content: The paints are formulated with a high pigment content, ensuring vibrant and rich colors in your artwork.
  3. Smooth Consistency: They offer a smooth consistency, making them easy to work with for artists of all ages and skill levels.
  4. Suitable for Beginners: The small tube sizes are suitable for beginners and allow for experimentation.

3. Winsor & Newton Winton Basic Set

These paints are easy to use, and they make my artwork look really nice. They come in small tubes that are perfect for me, and they are not too expensive. When I paint with these colors, they blend together nicely, and I can create all kinds of pretty pictures. Plus, they dry nicely and last a long time, so I can keep my paintings and show them to my friends and family. Winsor & Newton paints are my favorite choice for making colorful and amazing art!

  • Product Dimensions: The tubes are about 1.25 inches wide, 9.15 inches tall, and 4.9 inches thick.
  • Item Weight: It weighs 9.2 ounces.
  • Amount in Each Tube: 21ml Tubes
  1. Quality and Affordability: These paints are made for students and artists who want good quality but at a reasonable price.
  2. Pigments: These paints have a lot of color in them, so they cover well and have strong colors.
  3. Consistency and Texture: They are easy to paint with because they have a smooth texture and hold brush strokes well.
  4. Surface Sheen: The shine of the paint varies depending on the color, but you can control it with the surface you paint on and the tools you use.

4. Daler-Rowney Georgian

I use the Daler-Rowney Georgian water mixable oil paint set for my paintings because it's a special kind of paint that doesn't need harmful chemicals to clean up. These paints come in beautiful colors, and they mix together really well, making it easy for me to create the shades and tones I want in my artwork. They also dry at just the right speed, not too fast or too slow, so I have enough time to work on my paintings. 

  • Size: 1.25 Fl Oz (Pack of 10)
  • Item Volume: 370 Milliliters
  • Special Feature: Washable
  • Paint Type: Oil
  1. Bright and Smooth Paints: These water-mixable oil painting tubes are made from vibrant pigments that produce bright colors with a buttery texture, whether you use them wet or dry.

  2. Performance: Georgian water mixable oil paint offers a premium painting experience. It's archival and water-soluble, meaning you can thin and clean it with water.

  3. Variety of Colors: This set includes 10 assorted colors, giving you a wide range of options for your artistic creations.

  4. Easy to Clean: Since it's water mixable, you can clean your brushes and tools without the need for harsh chemicals like turpentine.

  5. Fast Drying: These oil paints have a reasonable drying time of 4-5 days, allowing you to work on your paintings without rushing. 

5. MONT MARTE Premium H2O

I use the MONT MARTE Premium H2O Water Mixable Oil Paint Set for my paintings because it's like magic paint! It's special because it works like regular oil paint but can be cleaned up with water, so I don't need any yucky chemicals. Plus, I can mix it with other paints to make cool colors, and it's perfect for blending. 

  • Set includes 36 water mixable oil paints.
  • Each tube contains 18ml of paint.
  • The paints are mixable with various mediums.
  • They can be easily cleaned up with water.
  1. Versatile Painting: You can use these paints like regular oil paints, but they have some special features.
  2. Mixing Options: You can mix these paints with water, acrylics, and other mediums to create different effects.
  3. Easy Cleanup: Cleaning up after painting is simple because these paints can be washed off with water.
  4. Great Value: You get 36 different colors in this set, offering a wide range of choices for your artwork.

Need a starter kit?

Which brand oil paint is best?

The best brand of oil paint can vary depending on an artist's personal preferences and needs. Some popular oil paint brands known for their quality include Winsor & Newton, Gamblin, Old Holland, and Rembrandt, among others.

What is the best oil paint brand in the world?

There isn't a single "best" oil paint brand in the world, as it often comes down to individual artist preferences. The brands mentioned in the previous answer are among the top choices for many artists due to their quality and range of colors.

Do professional artists use oil or acrylic paint?

Professional artists use both oil and acrylic paints, depending on their artistic style and the effects they want to achieve. Oil paints are known for their slow drying time, which allows for blending and layering, making them suitable for many traditional painting techniques. Acrylic paints, on the other hand, dry quickly and can be used for various styles and applications.

What paint brands do professional artists use?

Professional artists may use a variety of paint brands based on their preferences, the specific project, and the desired results. Some popular brands used by professional artists include Winsor & Newton, Gamblin, Golden, and Sennelier, among others.

What brand of oil paint does Bob Ross use?

Bob Ross primarily used a brand of oil paint called "Bob Ross Oil Colors," which were specially formulated to complement his wet-on-wet oil painting technique. These paints were developed and sold by the Bob Ross Company.

Are expensive oil paints worth it?

Whether expensive oil paints are worth it depends on the individual artist's goals and budget. Expensive oil paints often contain higher-quality pigments and binders, which can result in richer colors and better archival properties. However, less expensive paints can still produce excellent results, especially for artists who are starting or on a budget.

Did Van Gogh use oil or acrylic?

Vincent van Gogh primarily used oil paints for his famous works like "Starry Night" and "Sunflowers."

Did Bob Ross use oil paint?

Yes, Bob Ross used oil paint for his signature wet-on-wet oil painting technique. He was known for using his own brand of oil paints called "Bob Ross Oil Colors."

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