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My Best Inks for Screen Printing

As an artist who's spent many hours perfecting the art of screen printing, I understand the importance of finding the perfect ink to bring our artwork to life. In this blog post about the best inks for screen printing, I'm excited to share my insights and recommendations on the best inks for screen printing. Whether you're just starting your creative journey or looking to level up your printing game, I've got you covered with some tried-and-true options that will help your designs pop and your prints last.

1. Speedball

Speedball is a great choice for fabric artists like myself when it comes to screen printing. This brand offers a bunch of great benefits and factors that make it a smart pick for us creative folks. First, their inks are super vibrant and long-lasting, which means our prints will stay vivid and beautiful even after many washes. Plus, they have many colors to choose from, so we can let our imaginations run wild. Speedball's inks are also high-quality, making it easier for us to get crisp and clean designs onto our fabrics. 

  1. Item Volume: 16 Fluid Ounces
  2. Ink Type: Water-Based
  3. Printability: Suitable for printing on a range of fabrics, including cotton, canvas, polyester, blends, linen, rayon, and other synthetics. Also works on paper and cardboard.
  4. Odor: Ultra low odor
  5. Cleanup: Easily cleans up with soap and water

"What is this brand known for?"

Bright and Long-lasting Colors: Speedball's inks are famous for their colorful and long-lasting results. Even after washing many times, the colors still look great.

Lots of Colors to Choose From: They have many different colors you can pick from. This helps artists use the perfect color for their art.

Great for Making Designs: Speedball has screens that are really good quality. They help artists make detailed and neat designs on fabric, so it looks professional.

Easy for Beginners: Speedball's products come with clear and simple instructions. This means even if you're just starting, you can use them easily.

Always Good: People trust Speedball because they always make good products. Artists know their prints will turn out the way they want.

Lasts a Long Time: The inks and screens from Speedball are tough. They stay good even when you use them a lot.

Works for Many Things: Speedball's products can be used on lots of different kinds of fabric. This makes them great for all sorts of art projects, like making clothes or decorating your home.

2. Jacquard Inks

Jacquard's inks are famous for their bright and exciting colors. When we use these inks for printing, our designs look amazing and stay that way even after many washes. What's cool is that Jacquard has special inks like metallics and glow-in-the-dark ones, which can make our projects even more creative. Their screens are really good, so we can get sharp and detailed prints every time we use them. And guess what? They also have eco-friendly options for artists who want to help the environment. So, if you're a screen printing artist, you should definitely consider using Jacquard's inks to make your fabric prints extra special.

  1. Paint Type: Watercolor

  2. Item Volume: 4 Fluid Ounces

  3. Product Dimensions: 2.3 x 2.3 x 2.5 inches 

Why this brand?

Bright and Exciting Colors: Jacquard's inks are really famous for their bright and exciting colors. They make your prints look super cool and stand out.

Prints That Last a Long Time: When you use Jacquard inks to make prints, they stay looking great even after you wash them many times. This means they are strong and last a long time.

Special Inks for Cool Effects: Jacquard has special inks that can do awesome things. They have metallic inks that shine like metal and even glow-in-the-dark inks that light up in the dark. You can use these inks to make your designs look even more unique and fun.

Screens That Make Printing Easy: Jacquard's screens are really good quality. This helps artists make very detailed and fancy prints on fabric, so they look like they were done by professionals.

Good for the Environment: Jacquard is also known for caring about the Earth. They have options that are better for the environment, so artists who want to help our planet can use them.

Many Products for Different Projects: They offer lots of different products that work with different fabrics and art projects. This means artists can be creative in many ways.

A Brand You Can Trust: Jacquard is a well-known and trusted brand in the art world. Artists and professionals trust their products to make great art.

Have the basics in hand!

3. Screen Print Direct

Although not as famous as the others, Screen Print Direct is a super choice for artists who want to make cool prints on fabric, like me. It's great because it gives us really good results. It's like magic how it can put our designs on fabric so well. They have lots of colors we can use to make our prints special and different. The prints don't go away when we wash them, which is super important for fabric. 

  1. Ink Type: Plastisol Ink
  2. Item Volume: Each jar contains 236.58 Milliliters (8 oz.) of ink
  3. Number of Colors: The kit includes 6 different colors (White, Blue, Red, and more)
  4. Curing Temperature: 270°F (132°C)

What makes this brand be able to compete with the name brands?

Fantastic Results: Screen Print Direct gives you really great prints that look professional and capture all the tiny details and bright colors. This helps artists make their creative ideas come to life.

Super Precise and Detailed: This brand is really good at making sure designs go onto fabric just right. It means that the prints look amazing and just how the artist wanted them to be.

Lots of Ink Colors to Choose From: There are so many different ink colors to pick from. Artists can try out different colors and make prints that are one-of-a-kind and really cool.

Prints That Last: Prints made with Screen Print Direct can handle being washed and used a lot. So, they're perfect for all kinds of fabrics, like clothes and textiles.

"Which one takes the cake for quality?"

Jacquard is an excellent choice for working with different kinds of fabrics. They offer various paints and dyes designed for fabrics like cotton, silk, and more. No matter what type of fabric you're using, Jacquard has products that can make it look amazing. What's really neat is that they provide different methods to add colors to fabric, such as screen printing, tie-dyeing, and regular painting. This means you can try out different techniques to create your art.

Screen Print Direct is outstanding at making highly detailed prints through screen printing. While they might not have as many ways to use the paint as Jacquard, they are experts when it comes to screen printing. If you want your fabric art to have precise and intricate designs, Screen Print Direct is an excellent choice.

Speedball is another good brand, especially if you're new to fabric screen printing. They offer inks and materials that work well for fabric, similar to Screen Print Direct. What makes them stand out is that they have kits designed to be easy to use. This makes them perfect for beginners who want to try fabric screen printing. 

Here are some differences between them:

  • Jacquard has lots of fabric-specific stuff and different ways to paint fabric.
  • Screen Print Direct is all about screen printing and getting super-detailed designs.
  • Speedball is great for beginners and has user-friendly kits.

And here are some things they have in common:

  • All three brands care about making high-quality products so your art will look awesome.
  • They offer lots of different colors for you to try out and experiment with in your fabric projects.

What type of ink is best for screen printing?

The best type of ink for screen printing depends on your project and fabric. Plastisol ink is commonly used for its durability and vibrant colors. Water-based ink is great for softer fabrics and eco-friendly printing. It's essential to choose the ink that suits your specific needs.

Do I need special ink for screen printing?

Yes, you need ink specifically designed for screen printing. Regular ink won't work because screen printing ink is thicker and designed to pass through the screen mesh efficiently.

Is Speedball ink good for screen printing?

Yes, Speedball is known for producing screen printing inks that work well for fabric screen printing. They offer a range of options suitable for different projects.

What is the best ink for screen printing dark fabrics?

For dark fabrics, opaque inks like plastisol are often the best choice. They provide good coverage and ensure your designs stand out on darker backgrounds.

Is plastisol ink better than water-based ink?

Plastisol and water-based inks have their advantages and are better suited for different applications. Plastisol is known for its durability and vibrancy on dark fabrics, while water-based ink is eco-friendly and ideal for softer fabrics.

Does Speedball ink need to be cured?

Yes, Speedball screen printing inks typically need to be cured or dried after printing. The curing process can involve heat setting, air drying, or using a curing agent, depending on the type of ink.

What is Speedball ink?

Speedball ink is a brand of screen printing ink used for various artistic and fabric printing projects. They offer a range of inks suitable for screen printing on fabric.

How long does plastisol ink last?

Plastisol ink can last a long time if properly cured and cared for. It can withstand many washes and maintain its vibrant colors for years, making it a durable choice for screen printing.

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