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The Best Brush Pens for Calligraphy

If you're anything like me, you know the joy that comes from putting pen to paper and letting your creativity flow. Today, I want to chat with you about a tool that's become a personal favorite in my calligraphy arsenal – brush pens. They're not your typical markers or pens; they bring a unique touch to your artwork that's hard to replicate. In this list of best brush pens for calligraphy, we will go over what they are, why they're awesome, and how they can take your art to the next level.

1. Mogyann Art Pens

As a frequent user of the Mogyann Art Pens, I absolutely love these pens for several reasons. Firstly, their versatility is a game-changer for me. With 8 different nib sizes, I can switch between fine lines and bold strokes effortlessly, making them perfect for detailed work. The premium ink is another highlight; it flows smoothly on paper, ensuring a satisfying and consistent writing experience every time. Plus, the waterproof and non-bleeding black ink ensures that my creations stay crisp and vibrant. 

  • Variety of Nibs: This pen set includes 8 different nib sizes, ranging from 1mm to large brush, allowing for versatile line thicknesses in your writing and drawing.

  • Premium Ink: The hand lettering pens feature high-quality, smooth ink that provides a premium writing experience. The pigment black ink is waterproof, non-bleeding, and non-toxic.

  • Versatile Usage: These pens are suitable for a wide range of purposes, catering to both beginners and professionals. They can be used for signatures, greeting cards, calligraphy practice, sketching, manga, art drawings, and illustrations.

  • Soft and Hard Tips: The set includes two kinds of nibs - soft and hard tips - allowing you to create different thicknesses of lines for calligraphy and various artistic applications. 

2. FIXSMITH 26 Brush Pens

I absolutely love the FIXSMITH 26-Piece Drawing & Sketching Art Set! It's become my go-to tool for all my artistic endeavors. The 24 dual brush pens offer such a fantastic range of vibrant colors, making my artwork pop with life. The smoothness of these pens on paper is a dream, and I can use them on various paper types without worrying about bleeding or feathering. 

  • Vibrant Color Variety: The 24-color brush pens offer a diverse selection of bright and vibrant tones, perfect for various art projects.

  • Thicker Acid-Free Paper: The sketchbooks feature thicker acid-free paper with a weight of 68lb/100gsm. This ensures that your artwork remains protected and retains its rich and vibrant colors over time.

  • No Bleeding or Feathering: The water-based pigment ink is designed to prevent bleeding and feathering, making it suitable for use on a variety of paper types.

  • Safe and Non-Toxic: Both the dual-tip brush pens and sketchbooks have an acid-free and non-toxic formulation, ensuring safety for artists of all ages. 

3. Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen

These pens are a staple in my art supplies because they offer incredible versatility for my creative projects. The range of brush tip sizes, from Extra Fine to Large, allows me to achieve fine details and bold strokes with ease. The soft brush tips provide a smooth and consistent ink flow, making it perfect for calligraphy, hand lettering, and illustration work. Plus, the fact that they are refillable and made in Japan adds to their appeal. 

  • High-Quality Ink: The pens use high-quality black ink that is water-based pigment, ensuring smooth and consistent ink flow.

  • Soft Brush Tips: The brush tips are soft and provide a smooth writing and drawing experience, making them ideal for calligraphy, hand lettering, and illustration work.

  • Refillable: These pens are refillable, allowing for long-lasting use and reducing waste.

  • Made in Japan: Known for their craftsmanship, these pens are made in Japan, ensuring a high level of quality and precision. 

4. Chromatek

The vibrant colors and the ease with which they blend make creating beautiful artworks a breeze. Whether I'm working on detailed illustrations or larger, more expressive pieces, these pens offer the versatility I need. Plus, the included tutorial pad and online video tutorials have been invaluable in helping me refine my watercolor techniques. 

  1. 54 Watercolor Brush Pens: The set includes 54 watercolor brush pens with a wide range of colors.

  2. 15 Page Professional Tutorial Pad: It comes with a 15-page tutorial pad designed for watercolor painting.

  3. 4 Blending Aqua Pens: The set includes 4 blending aqua pens, which can be used to blend and mix colors on your artwork.

  4. Vivid Water-Based Paint: These pens use vivid water-based pigments that blend easily with each other and with water when used on watercolor paper.

  5. Real Brush Tips: The pens feature handmade precision nylon watercolor real brush tips, which can provide fine details and broad strokes. 

5. Craft 'n' Beyond Calligraphy Brush Pens

The variety of sizes they offer, from small to large, allows me to experiment with different lettering styles and add artistic flair to my projects. The fadeproof black ink is a game-changer, ensuring that my creations stay vibrant and long-lasting. What I appreciate the most is how easy they are to use, making them perfect for beginners like me. They provide excellent control over my strokes, helping me create beautiful and professional-looking artwork. 

  1. Multiple Sizes: The set includes three different sizes of brush pens (small, medium, and large), catering to various lettering and artistic needs.

  2. Versatility: These pens are suitable for various creative purposes, including hand lettering, art drawing, sketching, scrapbooking, and journaling.

  3. Full Control: The pens feature premium pressure-sensitive tips that allow you to have full control over your strokes, helping you create precise and beautiful artwork. 

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