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Baby Shower Message Board

As someone who plans baby showers and loves making them special, I want to share some fun message ideas with you to include in your baby shower message board. In this post, I'll show you 75 different messages. These messages are cute, clever, and heartfelt. They'll make your baby shower unforgettable, and you can use them if you're having a baby or helping plan a surprise baby shower for a friend. 

Fun/Quirky Messages

  1. "Warning: Baby on board and ready for adventure!"
  2. "Our family is growing by two feet!"
  3. "We're brewing up a baby, due [Due Date]."
  4. "Ready or not, here comes baby!"
  5. "Diapers and sleepless nights, here we come!"
  6. "We're trading sleep for snuggles."
  7. "Buckle up, baby's almost here!"
  8. "Pardon the bump, it's housing a baby!"
  9. "Shhh... Baby at rest (inside Mommy)."
  10. "Caution: Baby loading!"
  11. "In the making: One adorable baby!"
  12. "Mommy-to-BEE and baby-to-BEE, buzzing soon!"
  13. "Belly laughs, baby kicks, and lots of love."
  14. "Chasing dreams and changing diapers."
  15. "We're hatching a tiny human!"
  16. "Ready to pop, like popcorn!"
  17. "Our family tree is sprouting a new branch."
  18. "Mischief managed, baby's on the way!"
  19. "Expecting a little wizard or witch."
  20. "We're flipping the page to the next chapter: Parenthood."
  21. "Soon-to-be parents: Prepare for liftoff!"
  22. "Building blocks, bottles, and baby giggles, oh my!"
  23. "This belly is under construction: Baby inside!"
  24. "Welcome to the circus! Our family's newest act arrives soon."
  25. "Toes in the sand, baby on the way!"

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Cute Messages

  1. "Tiny fingers, tiny toes, a lifetime of love that grows."
  2. "Snips and snails and puppy dog tails, that's what our baby is made of."
  3. "Our hearts are expanding, and we couldn't be happier."
  4. "Cuteness overload coming soon!"
  5. "Our little one is the best thing that's ever happened to us."
  6. "Love wrapped up in a tiny package."
  7. "Life is sweeter with baby giggles."
  8. "Tiny shoes, big adventures."
  9. "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, how loved you are, no matter where you are."
  10. "The best is yet to come, with a baby on the way."
  11. "Baby cuddles make everything better."
  12. "Nursery rhymes and lullabies, our baby's arrival is nigh."
  13. "Little hands, little feet, our home is about to be complete."
  14. "Every day is a gift, and soon we'll have two to cherish."
  15. "Our hearts are full, thanks to our little one."
  16. "A baby's love fills every corner of our home."
  17. "Babies are the sweetest bundles of joy."
  18. "Our world is about to become a whole lot brighter."
  19. "Tiny miracles bring endless joy."
  20. "A little miracle is on the way, bringing love every day."
  21. "Snuggle time, story time, and baby's first rhyme!"
  22. "Cuteness countdown: T-minus [Due Date]."
  23. "Making memories, one tiny moment at a time."
  24. "A little bit of heaven sent down to Earth."
  25. "Our baby's smile will be our daily sunshine."

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Clever Messages

  1. "Baby is the newest edition to our family."
  2. "Preparing to welcome a bundle of joy."
  3. "Our family is growing by two feet and one heart."
  4. "Parenting: The adventure of a lifetime!"
  5. "A new chapter begins: Baby's arrival [Due Date]."
  6. "The stork is about to make a special delivery!"
  7. "No more quiet nights once baby arrives!"
  8. "Ready or not, here comes parenthood!"
  9. "Baby, we've got big plans for you!"
  10. "The world's cutest alarm clock arrives [Due Date]."
  11. "Our little one will soon be the boss."
  12. "Mom and Dad, reporting for diaper duty!"
  13. "Babies are a great excuse for sleepless nights."
  14. "Warning: Adorable overload approaching!"
  15. "Baby's due date: The ultimate deadline."
  16. "We're adding a tiny member to our team."
  17. "Future troublemaker in the making."
  18. "Get ready to embark on a journey of joy!"
  19. "A new chapter unfolds: Baby's debut."
  20. "The countdown to baby's grand entrance begins."
  21. "Time to trade in party nights for baby lights!"
  22. "Parenting: The ultimate DIY project."
  23. "Welcome to the baby show: Coming soon!"
  24. "Becoming parents: The greatest adventure of all."
  25. "Our home is about to become a little bit louder, a little bit messier, and a whole lot happier!"

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Welcome Messages

  1. "Welcome to [Baby's Name]'s Baby Shower!"
  2. "Hello, Baby [Last Name]! We can't wait to meet you."
  3. "Welcome Little One, Your Adventure Begins Soon!"
  4. "A Warm Welcome to Our Bundle of Joy."
  5. "We're Rolling Out the Welcome Mat for Baby!"
  6. "Welcome to the World of Diapers and Baby Giggles."
  7. "Ready or Not, Here Comes Baby!"
  8. "Welcome to the Family, Baby [Last Name]."
  9. "Hello Baby, We've Been Waiting for You!"
  10. "It's a Baby Shower Welcome Party!"
  11. "Our Hearts Are Open Wide for You, Baby [Last Name]."
  12. "Welcome, Baby, to a World Full of Love."
  13. "Let the Baby Cuddles Begin!"
  14. "The World Awaits, Little One."
  15. "Our Home Is About to Get a Whole Lot Cuter."
  16. "Baby [Last Name], You Are So Loved Already."
  17. "Welcome, Baby, to the Land of Lullabies."
  18. "Tiny Toes, Big Adventures – Welcome!"
  19. "Our Family Grows by Two Feet – Welcome Baby!"
  20. "Baby [Last Name], Your Arrival Is Our Greatest Gift."
  21. "Welcome to the Sweetest Adventure of All."
  22. "Adventure Awaits, Baby [Last Name]."
  23. "Our Hearts Expand as We Welcome You."
  24. "To Our Littlest Family Member: Welcome!"
  25. "Baby [Last Name], You Bring Joy to Our World."


Funny Messages

  1. "Welcome to the sleep-deprived club – where coffee is our life support!"
  2. "Diapers: because 'poop happens' is an understatement!"
  3. "The baby's not here yet, but the diaper genie is already getting a workout!"
  4. "Parenting: When going to the bathroom alone becomes a luxury."
  5. "Dad-to-be: Get ready to learn the art of 'dad jokes.'"
  6. "Mom-to-be: Soon, you'll be an expert in multi-tasking (including eating with one hand)."
  7. "Bottles, burps, and bedtime stories – the adventure begins!"
  8. "Warning: Baby on board means car rides will never be the same again."
  9. "You know you're a parent when 2 AM is your new happy hour."
  10. "Naptime is the new happy hour for parents!"
  11. "Mom-to-be: Your bump is proof that you've been working on your 'Dad Bod' too!"
  12. "Dad-to-be: Get ready for late-night diaper-changing drills!"
  13. "In this house, we don't cry over spilled milk; we cry when there's no more coffee."
  14. "Babies are like alarm clocks that don't have a snooze button."
  15. "Parenthood: where 'sleeping like a baby' means waking up every two hours."
  16. "Forget 'Santa Claus is coming to town,' now it's 'The Baby Claus is coming to town!'"
  17. "Babies are the ultimate party crashers – they arrive uninvited and steal the show!"
  18. "Becoming a parent is like becoming a stand-up comedian – lots of late-night performances!"
  19. "Get ready for the cutest alarm clock you'll ever have."
  20. "Parenthood: where 'quiet' and 'peaceful' have new meanings."
  21. "Remember when 'baby talk' was just cute gibberish and not a full-blown conversation?"
  22. "Baby, it's a wild world out here – welcome to the circus!"
  23. "Caution: Mom-to-be and Dad-to-be are experiencing mood swings – blame the hormones!"
  24. "Parenting is a crash course in time management and mess management."
  25. "Babies are like little detectives – they always find your weaknesses!"


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you write on a baby shower board?

On a baby shower board, you can write messages of congratulations, well wishes, and fun, heartwarming quotes or sayings related to parenthood and babies. You can also include the baby's name if it's known or expected.

What should you write in a baby shower card?

In a baby shower card, you can write a warm and heartfelt message to congratulate the parents-to-be, express your excitement for their new journey into parenthood, and offer your best wishes for the baby's arrival. You can also include personal anecdotes, advice, or a sweet quote.

What is a good quote for a baby shower?

A good quote for a baby shower could be something like:

  • "Babies are bits of stardust, blown from the hand of God."
  • "A baby fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty."
  • "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, do you know how loved you are?"
  • "Babies are the sweetest gifts life can bring."

What can I write in my baby shower book instead of card?

Instead of a traditional card, you can write a personal message inside a baby shower book. Share your well wishes, congratulations, and thoughts about the importance of reading to the baby. You can also write about your favorite childhood books or offer book recommendations.

What message do you put in a baby card?

In a baby card, you can put a message that conveys your happiness and excitement for the parents-to-be. Include words of encouragement, congratulations on their upcoming journey, and express your support for their growing family.

What to write for baby shower funny?

For a funny message at a baby shower, you can use humor to lighten the mood. Here's an example: "Get ready for parenthood: the only job where you'll work 24/7 with no breaks, no pay, and the boss is a tiny, demanding human who can't even talk yet!"

What do you write inside a book as a gift?

Inside a book as a gift, you can write a personal dedication. Mention why you chose that particular book, share your thoughts about its significance or how it relates to the recipient, and offer your best wishes. It's a thoughtful way to personalize a book gift.

What do you write in a baby shower card before the baby is born?

In a baby shower card before the baby is born, you can express your anticipation and excitement for the upcoming arrival. Offer your heartfelt congratulations to the parents-to-be and let them know you're looking forward to meeting their little one. You can also include encouraging words about their journey into parenthood.

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