Simple Script Note Cards Personalized for Women



The joy of personal connection with our PERSONALIZED NOTE CARD for women, tailored just for you.

The handwritten font style script, delicately positioned at the top center, showcases your name in a modern yet timeless fashion. Crafted with a simple, clean design, this card is the ideal solution for women seeking a sophisticated touch in their personal correspondences.

COLORS SHOWN: 1st Photo: Black Ink, Kraft Envelope, 2nd Photo: Black Ink, Fuschia Envelope
SPECS: Flat or Folded Note Card: 4.25 x 5.5 inches, 110 lb white, heavy weight, smooth
Envelopes: 70lb - 80lb text weight, premium
PRINTING: Flat printed for a smooth finish, sharp text and graphics, using fade resistant inks. 
PACKAGING: Set of 10 (clear resealable sleeve), Set of 20+ (clear box)
PROCESSING+SHIPPING: For up to date information, please visit: Processing + Shipping


FAQ's about Personalized Note Cards

1. How do you personalize stationery?

The art of creating personalized stationery begins with the design. Users can select from various custom options such as monogrammed stationery elements or personalized note cards with envelopes. A popular choice is a handwritten font style script, which gives a personalized touch, especially on personal stationery cards. Furthermore, choices of color, paper quality, and even special features like embossed graphics stationery can enhance the personal touch.

2. Is personalized stationery a good gift?

Absolutely! Personalized notepads and custom stationery sets make delightful gifts. They offer a unique touch, making the recipient feel special. From embossed stationery to luxury personalized stationery, there's something for everyone. They are suitable for occasions ranging from birthdays and anniversaries to professional milestones.

3. What do you use personalized stationery for?

Custom stationery is versatile. Whether it's writing on personalized stationery pads, sending out personalized wedding invitations, or using custom notecards for business, there's a personal touch added to every correspondence. Moreover, they’re perfect for penning heartfelt letters, making announcements, or sending out elegant thank you notes.

4. What is business stationery?

Business stationery refers to custom business stationery items like letterheads, business cards, and more. It's crucial for projecting a professional image, and with business stationery printing, companies can achieve a cohesive brand presence. It helps businesses stand out and establish credibility in their respective fields.

5. What do you call someone who designs stationery?

Typically, they are known as stationery designers. They craft everything from custom wedding invitations online to embossed personalized note cards. With platforms like Etsy personalized stationery, many designers showcase their work. Their creativity turns simple paper products into pieces of art.

6. What should personal stationery look like?

Personalised stationery should mirror one's style. Whether you opt for monogrammed thank you notes or personalized note cards and envelopes, the design should feel authentic and resonate with the individual. Think about your personality or the recipient's – should it be minimalistic, ornate, playful, or formal? Your stationery should be a reflection of that.

7. What is the most bought stationery?

Personalized notecards with envelopes, custom memo pads, and personalized stationery notepads rank among the top choices. Their versatility makes them popular for both personal and professional use. Additionally, given the digital age, having tangible, personalized pieces gives a touch of authenticity and sincerity.

8. Why are some people obsessed with stationery?

For many, stationery, especially personalized stationery for women or personalized stationery for men, represents a blend of function and art. The allure of engraved stationery or embossed graphics stationery evokes a sense of nostalgia and luxury. Moreover, there's a tactile pleasure in using high-quality paper and seeing one's name or initials elegantly printed.

9. Which Personalised items sell best?

Among the best sellers are custom personalized notepads, personalized stationery sets for letter writing, and custom stationery note cards. They are cherished for their uniqueness and personal touch. The demand for these items is consistently high, especially during holiday seasons or special events like weddings.

10. What stationery you need?

Essentials often include personalized note cards, custom lined notepads, and personalized stationery sets. Depending on the individual, specialty items like monogrammed stationery note cards might be on the list. However, it's always good to have a mix to cater to different needs – from jotting down quick notes to crafting thoughtful letters.

11. Do you write on the front or back of stationary?

When using personalized stationery notepads or personalized note cards, it's common to write on the front, especially if the back is glossy or has branding. However, for personalized stationery note cards or custom notecards with envelopes, some people choose to write on both sides to maximize space. Always ensure that the ink doesn't bleed through, especially when using luxury personalized stationery or embossed personalized stationery.

12. What do you put in a stationery box?

A stationery box is a treasure trove for enthusiasts! Essentials to include are personalized note cards with envelopes, monogrammed stationery, and custom memo pads. For a personal touch, consider adding personalized wedding invitations, personalized teacher stationery, or custom notecards and envelopes. A mix of custom stationery cards and personalized stationery pads ensures you're ready for any occasion, from thank-you notes to special announcements.

13. Why is it called stationery?

The term "stationery" has its origins from the Latin word "stationarius," which refers to a stationary seller. These sellers had a fixed spot or "station" in a marketplace, different from itinerant vendors. As time progressed, the products they sold, including personalized stationery for women, personalized note cards, and monogrammed thank you notes, came to be collectively known as stationery. With the advent of custom stationery printing, the variety and personalization options have only expanded.

14. Is there a difference between stationary and stationery?

Yes, there is a difference. "Stationary" means unmoving or standing still, whereas "stationery" refers to writing materials, including personalized stationery, personalized notepads, and custom wedding invitations. It's essential to use the correct term, especially when searching for specific items like personalized stationery sets or custom stationery note cards.

15. What is an example of stationery?

Stationery encompasses a wide range of items. Examples include personalized note cards, custom wedding invitations, monogrammed stationery, and personalized letterhead. More specialized items might include personalized stationery for men, embossed graphics stationery, and custom business stationery. Whether for personal use or business, there's a vast array of stationery to suit everyone's needs, from personalized notepads cheap for quick notes to luxury personalized stationery for elegant correspondence.

16. What is the word for a stationery lover?

A person with a deep affection for personalized stationery, custom notepads, and the like is often referred to as a "papyrophile" – a lover of paper. These individuals cherish everything from embossed personalized stationery to custom stationery note cards. Their passion often extends to collecting personalized notecards, monogrammed stationery sets, and even seeking out unique items from sellers like Etsy personalized stationery. For a papyrophile, the joy of writing on a personalized stationery pad or sending a message on personalized note cards with envelopes is unparalleled.

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Best gifts for everyone! All of my requests were handled with exquisite care and detail! Quality is 100% satisfaction ✨️


Amazing customer service and quick shipping! I’ve ordered several times and will continue to order from Modern Pink Paper-thank you for the lovely custom products!!!


Reordered these because I love them so much. Great price.

LOVE the note cards

Thank you to Modern Pink Paper for the wonderful note cards. They were beautiful. Also very, very quick to print and ship. Excellent customer service and quality!

Renee Davitt
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These cards are THE perfect gift for all. Love that you can preview your order before its prints.