Boho Wildflower Communion Invitations With Arches



Communion Invitations: Bohemian Wildflower Harmony with Spiritual Arches

Invite your loved ones to witness a significant rite of passage with our Boho Wildflower Communion Invitations. As soon as the card is revealed, the eyes are immediately drawn to a striking deep orange arch, which symbolizes a gateway to spiritual celebration. This is perfectly complemented by a softer cream arch, nestling gracefully to its right and creating a harmonious balance that mirrors the spiritual unity this day represents. Adorning the left side, fall-colored wildflowers tenderly rise, imparting an atmosphere of natural grace and warm embrace. Centered within the cream arch, the words "First Communion" are elegantly displayed – "First" in a dignified, tall block font and "Communion" in a flowing black script that sweeps across the arch, as inviting as the ceremony itself. Directly beneath, the child’s name is written in the same intimate script, followed by event details in a classy black block font. A solemn black cross, sitting at the peak of the cream arch, serves as a poignant reminder of the spiritual essence of this special day. Choose our Communion Invitations for a heartfelt and exquisite way to call your loved ones to share in this sacred milestone, as unique and cherished as your child's journey in faith.

COLORS SHOWN: 1ST Photo: Kraft Envelope
SPECS: Flat Note Card: 4.25 x 5.5 inches, 110 lb white, heavy weight, smooth
Envelopes: 70lb - 80lb text weight, premium
PRINTING: Flat printed for a smooth finish, sharp text and graphics, using fade resistant inks.
PACKAGING: Set of 10 (clear resealable sleeve), Set of 20+ (clear box)
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