Boho Wildflower Bachelorette Invitation Card With Arches



Bachelorette Invitation Card: Bohemian Wildflower Elegance with Dual Arches

Begin the celebratory journey to your big day with our Boho Wildflower Bachelorette Invitation Card With Arches. Imagine the warmth of a deep orange arch, its bold presence gently anchored by a complementary cream arch, setting the tone for an event that's as vibrant and heartfelt as your upcoming union. These arches are like the gateway to a new chapter, framed lovingly by fall-colored wildflowers that reach up and over, adding an organic touch of nature's elegance. Centered within the creamy arch, the words "Bachelorette Party" dance in a sophisticated black script font, its whimsical tail extending across the arch as if personally inviting each guest into this joyful occasion. Below this, the brides name echo's in the same elegant script, leading naturally to the finely detailed event information. Choosing our Bachelorette Invitation Card is more than selecting a design; it’s embracing a seamless blend of style, intimacy, and unforgettable celebration.

COLORS SHOWN: 1ST Photo: Kraft Envelope
SPECS: Flat Note Card: 4.25 x 5.5 inches, 110 lb white, heavy weight, smooth
Envelopes: 70lb - 80lb text weight, premium
PRINTING: Flat printed for a smooth finish, sharp text and graphics, using fade resistant inks.
PACKAGING: Set of 10 (clear resealable sleeve), Set of 20+ (clear box)
PROCESSING+SHIPPING: For up to date information, please visit: Processing + Shipping