UNIQUE Ways to Say Goodnight - From FRIENDS to LOVERS!

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Unique Ways to Say Goodnight

I'll be sharing some delightful and creative ways to say goodnight. Saying goodnight doesn't have to be boring, and with these fun alternatives, you'll impress your friends and family while spreading positivity. From heartwarming classics like 'Sweet dreams' to unique phrases like 'Sleep tight as a bug in a rug,' I've got you covered. So, get ready to add a little extra charm to your nightly farewells with these charming and imaginative ways to bid someone a goodnight!

Ways to Say Goodnight to Your Crush

  1. Sweet dreams!
  2. Sleep tight!
  3. Nighty-night!
  4. Dream of me!
  5. Rest peacefully.
  6. Sleep well, my dear.
  7. Have a cozy night.
  8. Wishing you a restful sleep.
  9. Until tomorrow.
  10. Goodnight, beautiful.
  11. May your dreams be magical.
  12. Catch some Z's!
  13. Close your eyes and drift away.
  14. Time to snuggle up.
  15. Sending you night-time hugs.
  16. Dream big, dream bright.
  17. Off to dreamland you go!
  18. Nightfall is a gentle embrace.
  19. May the stars watch over you.
  20. Goodnight, my heart's desire.
  21. Sleep as soundly as a baby.
  22. Let your worries fade away.
  23. I'll be dreaming of you.
  24. Until the sun rises again.
  25. Here's to a dreamy night ahead!


Let them know they were on your mind!

Ways to Say Goodnight In Spanish

  1. Buenas noches
  2. Hasta mañana (Until tomorrow)
  3. Dulces sueños (Sweet dreams)
  4. Que descanses (Rest well)
  5. Descansa bien (Rest well)
  6. Que tengas una buena noche (Have a good night)
  7. Que duermas bien (Sleep well)
  8. Hasta luego (See you later)
  9. Nos vemos mañana (See you tomorrow)
  10. Descansa en paz (Rest in peace)
  11. Que tengas un bonito sueño (Have a beautiful dream)
  12. Buen descanso (Good rest)
  13. Que sueñes con los angelitos (May you dream with little angels)
  14. Que descanses como un bebé (May you rest like a baby)
  15. Sueña con los ojos cerrados (Dream with your eyes closed)
  16. Que tengas una noche tranquila (Have a peaceful night)
  17. Buenas noches y descansa (Goodnight and rest)
  18. Duerme profundamente (Sleep deeply)
  19. Que las estrellas te guíen (May the stars guide you)
  20. Que los sueños se hagan realidad (May your dreams come true)
  21. Que tengas un sueño reparador (Have a restful sleep)
  22. Que sueñes con cosas hermosas (May you dream of beautiful things)
  23. Que la luna te arrulle (May the moon lull you)
  24. Que descanses bajo el cielo estrellado (Rest under the starry sky)
  25. Que tengas una noche mágica (Have a magical night)


Ways to Say Goodnight In French

  1. Bonne nuit
  2. Nuit paisible (Peaceful night)
  3. Fais de beaux rêves (Have beautiful dreams)
  4. À demain (Until tomorrow)
  5. Dors bien (Sleep well)
  6. Passe une bonne soirée (Have a good evening)
  7. Je vais me coucher (I'm going to bed)
  8. Nuit étoilée (Starry night)
  9. Douce nuit (Sweet night)
  10. À plus tard (See you later)
  11. Que la nuit te soit douce (May the night be sweet to you)
  12. Bon sommeil (Good sleep)
  13. À la prochaine (Until next time)
  14. Que tes rêves se réalisent (May your dreams come true)
  15. Bon repos (Good rest)
  16. À bientôt (See you soon)
  17. Fais de jolis rêves (Have lovely dreams)
  18. Je vais au lit (I'm going to bed)
  19. Bonne soirée et bonne nuit (Good evening and goodnight)
  20. Profite bien de ta nuit (Enjoy your night)
  21. Que la lune veille sur toi (May the moon watch over you)
  22. Que la nuit t'apporte la sérénité (May the night bring you serenity)
  23. À demain matin (Until tomorrow morning)
  24. Que ton sommeil soit réparateur (May your sleep be restorative)
  25. Nuit magique (Magical night)


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Ways to Say Goodnight In German

  1. Gute Nacht
  2. Schlaf gut (Sleep well)
  3. Träum süß (Dream sweetly)
  4. Bis morgen (Until tomorrow)
  5. Schlafe schön (Sleep beautifully)
  6. Süße Träume (Sweet dreams)
  7. Schlaf gut und träum was Schönes (Sleep well and dream something beautiful)
  8. Schlaf schön ein (Fall asleep nicely)
  9. Bis später (See you later)
  10. Schlaf friedlich (Sleep peacefully)
  11. Schlaf gut und ruh dich aus (Sleep well and rest)
  12. Träum was Schönes von mir (Dream something beautiful of me)
  13. Guten Schlaf (Good sleep)
  14. Bis bald (See you soon)
  15. Gute Nacht und süße Träume (Goodnight and sweet dreams)
  16. Schlaf tief und fest (Sleep deep and sound)
  17. Schöne Nacht (Beautiful night)
  18. Träum was Feines (Dream something fine)
  19. Schlaf in Ruhe (Sleep in peace)
  20. Bis zur Morgendämmerung (Until dawn)
  21. Schlaf sanft (Sleep gently)
  22. Träum was Gutes (Dream something good)
  23. Bis morgen früh (Until tomorrow morning)
  24. Träum von den Sternen (Dream of the stars)
  25. Schlaf dich aus (Rest yourself)


Ways to Say Goodnight In Italian

  1. Buona notte
  2. Dormi bene (Sleep well)
  3. Sogni d'oro (Golden dreams)
  4. A domani (Until tomorrow)
  5. Notte serena (Peaceful night)
  6. Sogni bellissimi (Beautiful dreams)
  7. Buon riposo (Good rest)
  8. A presto (See you soon)
  9. Riposa in pace (Rest in peace)
  10. Fino a domani (Until tomorrow)
  11. Buonanotte e sogni d'oro (Goodnight and golden dreams)
  12. Notte magica (Magical night)
  13. Buon sonno (Good sleep)
  14. Riposati bene (Rest well)
  15. Sogna qualcosa di bello (Dream something beautiful)
  16. Notte tranquilla (Quiet night)
  17. Dormi profondamente (Sleep deeply)
  18. Notte stellata (Starry night)
  19. Buona notte e sogni meravigliosi (Goodnight and wonderful dreams)
  20. Sogni dolci (Sweet dreams)
  21. Sogna con gli angeli (Dream with the angels)
  22. Buonanotte e sii felice (Goodnight and be happy)
  23. Riposa dolcemente (Rest gently)
  24. Notte a te (Night to you)
  25. Sogna con il cuore (Dream with your heart)

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Ways to Say Goodnight In Korean

  1. 안녕히 주무세요 (Annyeonghi jumuseyo)
  2. 잘 자 (Jal ja)
  3. 꿈꾸세요 (Kkumkkuseyo - Dream well)
  4. 좋은 꿈 꾸세요 (Joh-eun kkum kkuseyo - Have good dreams)
  5. 내일 봐요 (Nae-il bwayo - See you tomorrow)
  6. 푹 자 (Puk ja - Sleep tight)
  7. 아름다운 밤 되세요 (Areumdaun bam doeseyo - Have a beautiful night)
  8. 편안한 밤 되세요 (Pyeon-anhan bam doeseyo - Have a peaceful night)
  9. 안녕히 가세요 (Annyeonghi gaseyo - Goodbye, when someone is leaving for the night)
  10. 잘 쉬세요 (Jal swiseyo - Rest well)
  11. 빛나는 밤 되세요 (Bitnaneun bam doeseyo - Have a shining night)
  12. 행복한 꿈 꾸세요 (Haengbokhan kkum kkuseyo - Dream happy dreams)
  13. 고요한 밤 되세요 (Goyohan bam doeseyo - Have a quiet night)
  14. 굿나잇 (Good night, using English pronunciation)
  15. 행복한 시간 보내세요 (Haengbokhan sigan bonaeseyo - Spend a happy time)
  16. 편안한 잠 재세요 (Pyeon-anhan jam jaeseyo - Have a comfortable sleep)
  17. 굿밤 (Good night, informal)
  18. 꿈나라로 떠나세요 (Kkumnalalo tteonaseyo - Travel to Dreamland)
  19. 무사히 잠을 청하세요 (Musahi jam-eul cheonghaeseyo - Sleep soundly)
  20. 잘 쉬고 내일을 준비하세요 (Jal swigo naeil-eul junbihaeseyo - Rest well and prepare for tomorrow)
  21. 모든 꿈이 이루어질 거예요 (Modeun kkum-i iluleojil geoyeyo - All your dreams will come true)
  22. 기분 좋은 밤 되세요 (Gibun joh-eun bam doeseyo - Have a good night)
  23. 몸과 마음 편히 쉬세요 (Momgwa ma-eum pyeonhi swiseyo - Rest your body and mind comfortably)
  24. 꿈을 따라 미소 짓게 해요 (Kkum-eul ttala miso jitge haeyo - Let your dreams make you smile)
  25. 불면증 없이 깨어나세요 (Bulmyeonjeung eobs-i kkaeeonaseyo - Wake up without insomnia)

Ways to Say Goodnight In Arabic

  1. تصبح على خير (Tusbih 'ala khair) - Literally means "Wake up well."
  2. ليلة سعيدة (Laylat sa'idah) - Means "Good night."
  3. نوماً هانئاً (Nawman haynan) - Means "Sleep well."
  4. أحلام سعيدة (Ahlam sa'idah) - Translates to "Sweet dreams."
  5. نومًا هنيئًا (Nawman hanian) - Means "Peaceful sleep."
  6. إلى اللقاء غداً (Ila al-liqa ghadan) - Means "See you tomorrow."
  7. نومًا عميقًا (Nawman 'amyqan) - Translates to "Deep sleep."
  8. النوم الهادئ (Al-nawm al-hadi') - Means "Quiet sleep."
  9. تصبح على خير و نوماً هانئاً (Tusbih 'ala khair wa nawman haynan) - Combines "Wake up well" and "Sleep well."
  10. نومًا سعيدًا (Nawman sa'idan) - Means "Happy sleep."
  11. ذهب القمر (Thahaba al-qamar) - Literally means "The moon has gone."
  12. إسمح للأحلام بأن تأتي (Ismah lil-ahlam bi'an tatayyir) - Translates to "Allow dreams to come."
  13. إلى اللقاء في المنام (Ila al-liqa fi al-manaam) - Means "See you in the dream."
  14. نومًا عسليًا (Nawman 'asaliyan) - Translates to "Honey-like sleep."
  15. راحة النوم (Rahat al-nawm) - Means "Sleep comfort."
  16. تصبح على خير و سلامة (Tusbih 'ala khair wa salamah) - Combines "Wake up well" and "Safety."
  17. أنام على وجه سعيد (Anam 'ala wajh sa'id) - Means "Sleep with a happy face."
  18. نومًا هنيئًا و مريحًا (Nawman hanian wa marihan) - Translates to "Happy and comfortable sleep."
  19. تدريب أحلام سعيدة (Tadrib ahlam sa'idah) - Means "Training for happy dreams."
  20. نومًا مريحًا و هادئًا (Nawman marihan wa hadi'an) - Translates to "Comfortable and peaceful sleep."
  21. إلى اللقاء في الصباح (Ila al-liqa fi al-subah) - Means "See you in the morning."
  22. نومًا هادئًا و سلاميًا (Nawman hadi'an wa salamiyan) - Translates to "Quiet and peaceful sleep."
  23. تحلم بما تريد (Tahlam bima turid) - Means "Dream of what you want."
  24. لا تدع الفراش يلسع (La tadha' al-firash yalsi') - Literally means "Don't let the bedbugs bite."
  25. دع الليل يحملك (Da' al-layl yahmiluk) - Translates to "Let the night carry you."


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Ways to Say Goodnight In Portuguese

  1. Boa noite
  2. Durma bem (Sleep well)
  3. Bons sonhos (Good dreams)
  4. Até amanhã (Until tomorrow)
  5. Tenha uma noite tranquila (Have a peaceful night)
  6. Durma com os anjos (Sleep with the angels)
  7. Durma com Deus (Sleep with God)
  8. Descanse bem (Rest well)
  9. Que a noite seja serena (May the night be serene)
  10. Durma profundamente (Sleep deeply)
  11. Durma apertado (Sleep tight)
  12. Durma em paz (Sleep in peace)
  13. Até logo (See you later)
  14. Que os seus sonhos se realizem (May your dreams come true)
  15. Boa noite e sonhos doces (Goodnight and sweet dreams)
  16. Durma como um bebê (Sleep like a baby)
  17. Descanse como merece (Rest as you deserve)
  18. Que a noite lhe traga paz (May the night bring you peace)
  19. Que a lua brilhe para você (May the moon shine for you)
  20. Tenha uma noite maravilhosa (Have a wonderful night)
  21. Durma com carinho (Sleep with tenderness)
  22. Que seus pensamentos se acalmem (May your thoughts calm down)
  23. Boa noite e até logo (Goodnight and see you soon)
  24. Durma com serenidade (Sleep with serenity)
  25. Que a noite lhe abrace (May the night embrace you)


Ways to Say Goodnight In Russian

  1. Спокойной ночи (Spokoynoy nochi) - Standard way to say "goodnight."
  2. Ложись спать (Lozhis' spat') - Means "Go to sleep."
  3. Сладких снов (Sladkih snov) - Translates to "Sweet dreams."
  4. Доброй ночи (Dobroy nochi) - Another common way to say "goodnight."
  5. Спи крепко (Spi kreplko) - Means "Sleep tight."
  6. До завтра (Do zavtra) - Means "Until tomorrow."
  7. Уходи спать (Uhodi spat') - Means "Go to bed."
  8. Приятных снов (Priyatnyh snov) - Translates to "Pleasant dreams."
  9. Спокойного сна (Spokoynogo sna) - Means "Peaceful sleep."
  10. Приятных сновидений (Priyatnyh snovideniy) - Translates to "Pleasant dreamings."
  11. Пусть сбудутся мечты (Pust' sbudutsya mechty) - Means "May your dreams come true."
  12. Хороших снов (Horoshih snov) - Translates to "Good dreams."
  13. Удачной ночи (Udachnoy nochi) - Means "Have a good night."
  14. Засыпай счастливо (Zasypay schastlivo) - Means "Fall asleep happily."
  15. Спокойной постели (Spokoynoy posteli) - Translates to "Peaceful bedding."
  16. Ночь спокойного сна (Noch' spokoynogo sna) - Means "Night of peaceful sleep."
  17. Добрых снов (Dobryh snov) - Translates to "Good dreams."
  18. Спи спокойно (Spi spokoyno) - Means "Sleep peacefully."
  19. Доброй ночи и сладких снов (Dobroy nochi i sladkih snov) - Means "Goodnight and sweet dreams."
  20. Пусть ночь принесет покой (Pust' noch' prineset pokoy) - Translates to "May the night bring peace."
  21. Ночь мечтательного сна (Noch' mechtatelnogo sna) - Means "Night of dreamy sleep."
  22. До утра (Do utra) - Means "Until morning."
  23. Спи как ребенок (Spi kak rebenok) - Means "Sleep like a baby."
  24. До встречи во сне (Do vstrechi vo sne) - Translates to "See you in a dream."
  25. Пусть ночь будет чудесной (Pust' noch' budet chudesnoy) - Means "May the night be wonderful."



How do you say goodnight in a cute way?

You can say "Sweet dreams" or "Sleep tight, teddy bear!"

What can we say instead of good night?

Instead of "good night," you can use phrases like "nighty-night," "sleep well," "until tomorrow," or "pleasant dreams."

What are different ways to wish good night?

Some different ways to wish someone good night include "sweet dreams," "sleep peacefully," "rest well," "have a restful night," and "may the night bring you peace."

How do you say goodnight in a deep way?

To say goodnight in a deep or heartfelt way, you can use phrases like "may your dreams be filled with love," "sleep with serenity," or "may the night bring you solace."

How do you say goodnight in a flirty way?

To say goodnight in a flirty way, you can use playful and affectionate language like "dream of me," "sleep tight, my charming," or "can't wait to see you in my dreams."

How do you say goodnight in a cute way over text?

To say goodnight in a cute way over text, you can use emojis, such as sending a smiling face with closed eyes 😊 or a sleeping face 😴, along with a sweet message like "Wishing you the sweetest dreams tonight! 😴💫"

How do you say goodnight to make him blush?

To make someone blush when saying goodnight, you can use flirty or romantic phrases like "You've been on my mind all day, and I can't wait to dream about you tonight," or "Goodnight, handsome. You're the last thing on my mind before I sleep."

Is texting goodnight flirty?

Texting "goodnight" can be flirty or friendly, depending on the context and the way it's expressed. Adding flirty or affectionate messages along with "goodnight" can make it flirty, while a simple "goodnight" can be more friendly or casual. It all depends on your intent and your relationship with the person you're texting.


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